Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

My skin has been breaking out lately. I’ve also been traveling internationally and my digestive system has suffered (yeah, you know what I mean). I just don’t feel like myself. Catching colds, though I never used to get sick. And just not quite 100%. Low energy. You know the feeling.

So I’ve decided I’m going to a full body internal cleanse. I’m going with Blessed Herbs’ kit because they make it so easy. Everything is packaged up for you, and the program is well thought out cleansing each of the body systems progressively.

Interested? Check out the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit here.

I’m going to start out with fresh made juices and raw fruits and vegetables and go from there.
I’ll keep you informed as to my progress. First, a week of waiting for the cleanse to show up!


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