Alfalfa: Health Builder, Arthritis, Fatigue, Appetite Stimulant, Pituitary Gland

Barley Greens: Energy, Nutritional, Immune, Increase S.O.D.

Bee Pollen: Allergies, Quick Energy, Slows Down Aging Process, Natural No-Doze

Bilberry: Builds Capillaries, Improve Circulation, Beneficial To Eyes

Black Cohosh: Natural Estrogen, Hot Flashes, Bronchitis, Nerves

Black Walnut: Cleanses Parasites And Worms, Skin Rashes, Lupus

Black Walnut Extract: Herpes, Ringworm, Impetigo, Restores Tooth Enamel

Blessed Thistle: Takes Oxygen To Brain, Senility, Increases Mother’s Milk

Burdock: Reduces Swelling And Deposits In Joints, Blood Purifier, Gout, Eczema

Butcher’s Broom: Improves Circulation, Phlebitis, Leg Cramps, Varicose Vein

Capsicum: Circulation To Extremities, Strokes, Blood Pressure Equalizer, Colds

Cascara Sagrada: Constipation, Increase Peristaltic Action, Gall Bladder

Cat’s Claw: Cancer, Arthritis, Herpes, Diabetes, Lupus, CFS, PMS, Toxin Poisoning, Depression, HIV.

Catnip: Colic, Nerves, Cigarette Craving, Colds, Flu, Digestion, Hiccups And Gas

Chamomile: Insomnia, Improves Appetite, Drug Withdrawal, Nerves

Cornsilk: Kidney, Bladder, Bed Wetting, Painful Urination, Prostrate

Dandelion: Anemia, Liver, Blood Cleanser, Endurance, Age Spots, Hepatitis

Dong Quai: Hot Flashes, Hormone Balance, Nerves, Muscle Spasms

Echinacea (Purpurea): Antibiotic, Lymph, Blood Purifier/Builder, Immune

Feverfew: Migraine Headaches, Muscular Tension, Intestinal Worms

Garlic: Normalizes Blood Pressure, Yeast And Bacterial Infections, Colds

Ginger: Expels Gas, Motion & Morning Sickness, Flu, Diarrhea, Settles Stomach

Ginseng, Korean: Energy, Eliminates Toxins, Immune System, Aphrodisiac

Ginseng, Siberian: Energy, Stress, Endurance, Depression, Senility, Nerves

Ginseng, Wild American: Energy, Stress, Endurance, Nerves

Golden Seal: Infection, Natural Insulin, Cleanses Urinary System

Gota Kola*: Brain Food, Memory, Vitality, Depression, Impotency/Stimulant

Guggul Lipid: Fat Utilization, Cholesterol

Hawthorn: Heart, Hardening Of The Arteries, Adrenals, Stress, Blood Pressure

Hops: Insomnia, Nervousness, Decreases The Desire For Alcohol, Hyperactive Children

Horsetail: Stops Hair From Falling Out, Stops Split Ends, Weak Nails

Hydrangea: Arthritis, Gout, Kidney And Bladder Problems, Dissolves Stones

Juniper Berries: Restores Pancreas & Adrenals, Diuretic, Dropsy, Uric Acid

Kelp: Thyroid, Fingernails, Goiter, Complexion, Hair Loss

Licorice: Adjust Blood Sugar, Quick Energy, Cough, Hoarseness, Adrenals

Lobelia: Asthma, Congestion Pneumonia, Strong Relaxant, Pleurisy, Lungs

Marshmallow: Bladder & Kidney Problems, Bed Wetting, Inflammation

Mullein: Nervous Cough, Lung & Sinus Congestion, T.B., Lymphatic

Parsley: Bad Breath, Blood Builder, High In Potassium, Kidneys, Diuretic

Passion Flower: Eye Infection & Tension, Stress, Headaches, Sleep, Alcoholism

Pau D’Arco: Historically Used For Cancer, Leukemia, Tumors, Yeast Infection

Psyllium Hulls: Scrubs Colon, Adds Bulk, Diverticulitis, Colon Blockage

Red Clover: Cancer, Tumors, Skin Problems, Relaxes Nerves, Spasms

Red Raspberry: “The Pregnancy Herb”, Nausea, Heavy Or Painful Menstruation

Rose Hips: Natural Vitamin C Complex, Colds, Infections, Blood Purifier, Flu

Safflowers: Gout, Digestion (Hydrochloric Acid), Reduce Cholesterol, Sore Muscles

Sage: Stimulates Hair Growth, Improves Memory, Sore Gums & Throat, Nerves

Sarsaparillia: Testosterone, Body Building, Impotency, Hair Growth

Saw Palmetto: Breast Builder (Small Or Saggy), Colds, Rids Mucus, Glands

Slippery Elm: Acid Stomach, Digestion, Diaper Rash, Hiatal Hernia, Ulcers

Spirulina: Nutritive, Vitality, Purifies & Builds Blood

St. John’s Wort: Minor depression, nervous system, heals wounds

Una D’Gato: See Cat’s Claw.

Uva Ursi: Spleen, Bladder & Kidney Infection, Diabetes, Gonorrhea, Cystitis

Valerian: Natural Tranquilizer, Pain, Muscle Spasms, Nerves, Promotes Sleep

White Oak Bark: Hemorrhoids & Bleeding, Varicose Veins, Pyorrhea, Pin Worms

Yarrow: Obstructed Perspiration, Nosebleeds, Chicken Pox, Colds, Fever, Flu

Yellow Dock: Anemia, Blood Purifier, Itching, Liver, Skin Problems, Hepatitis

Yucca: Natural Cortisone, Arthritis, Reduces Joint Inflammation, Skin Problems}

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

L. Acidophilus: Reinforce & Maintain Intestinal Flora, ‘Friendly’ Bacteria

Black Currant Oil: Immune System, Fight Communicable Disease, Pms, Ms

Beta-Carotene: High In Vitamin A, Cancer Prevention, Eyes, Skin Disorders

Colostrum: Immune Enhancers, Healing, Balance Blood Sugar, Muscle Health, Boost Metabolism

Grapine (Pcynogenol): Antioxidant, Improves Circulation, Strengthens Capillaries

Vitamin E w/ Selenium: Heart, Impotency, Fertility, Antioxidant, Scarring

Melatonin: Aging, Energy, Sleep, Powerful Antioxidant

Niacin: Sugar & Fat Metabolism, Capillaries, Tissue Respiration & Circulation

Vitamin B-6: Gas, Bad Breath, Bloating, Odors To The Stools, Dandruff

Vitamin B-12: Anemia, Digestion, Absorption Of Foods, Nerve Damage

Vitamin C Time Released: Bruising, Blood Vessels, Calcium Use, Healing, Infection

Multiple Vitamins & Minerals: A Maintenance Combination

Balanced B-Complex: Nerves, Skin, Eyes, Hair, Mouth, Depression Anxiety

Pantothetic Acid: B , Adrenal Exhaustion, Anti-Stress Vitamin, Natural Cortisone

Vitamin A & D: Night Blindness, Eyes, Heals Ulcers, Allergies, Skin, Infections

Citrus Bioflavonoids W/ Vitamin C: Vitamin C Absorption, Pain, Bump, Bruise

Omega 3: EPA, Essential Fatty Acids

Calcium W/ Magnesium & Vit. D: Bones, Muscle Cramps, Heart Pulpitations

Chromium: Sugar Levels, Energy, Synthesis Of Cholesterol, Fats, Proteins

Iron: Anemia, Edema, General Weakness, Skin Sores

Lecithin: Every Living Cell Needs, Increases Brain Function, Promote Energy, Ms

Magnesium: Body and Brain Exhaustion, Confusion, Muscle Twitch, Tremors

Combination Potassium: Water Retention, Dry Skin, Slow Or Irregular Heartbeat

Zinc: Decreased Alertness, Lose Of Taste, Poor Healing, Prostate

L-Glutamine : Sugar And Alcohol Cravings, Epilepsy, Senility, Schizophrenia

L-Lysine : Proper Growth & Bone Development, Cold Sores & Herpes Viruses

Lactase Plus: The Enzymes Used To Break Down Sugar & Other Dairy Products

Leguzyme: Enzymes To Break Down Carbohydrates In Beans & Other Legumes

Hi Liapase: Assists In Breakdown Of Dietary Fats

Proactazyme: Acts In The Digestion Of All Food Types Except Dairy

Liquid Chlorophyll: Taken From Alfalfa & Flavored W/ Natural Mint Oils

SC Formula (Shark Cartilage): Stop Cancer Growth & Tumors, Arthritis

Activase Enzyme: Increase Herb Power By Breaking Down Cellouse Fiber

Quit Smoking and Drinking

Making the decision to break a habit such as smoking or excessive drinking can be the most important decision a person may make toward better health, but it can also be a very difficult challenge. There are two combinations now on the market designed to help those who are trying to quit smoking and/or drinking. They are:

Lobelia: This herb is a must for anyone trying to quit smoking. With its discovery as a medicinal herb attributed to the American Herbalist Samuel Thompson, lobelia has been used for numerous health conditions. Scientific research has proven that its main constituent, lobeline, activates the same nervous system receptors that nicotine does. This helps lessen withdrawal symptoms, and unlike nicotine, lobelia is not habit forming.

Kudzu: This herb is a native of China and Japan and has been used extensively in the folk medicine of China, Japan, Korea, and Indochina. The flowers of this plant have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to combat the extreme effects of alcoholic drinks. The herb seems to lessen the cravings for alcohol and helps to quench thirst. Recent studies done at the Isan Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory in Japan support these historical uses.

St. John’s Wort: Despite its reputation for being a pest in corn and wheat fields, this plant has amazing medicinal benefits. The leaves produce a soothing effect and help lessen nervous irritability. Its place in both of these combinations is certainly appropriate since it has been historically and scientifically proven to be a natural antidepressant. This quality naturally aids in subduing withdrawal symptoms.

Alfalfa: The Arabs anciently call this herb the “Father of All Foods.” This title is certainly deserved since alfalfa is extremely rich in Vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, C, D, E, K, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and folic acid, as well as the trace minerals calcium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, and copper. Since many alcoholics get most of their calories from drinking, the need to eat is not felt as much, and as a result, they do not get the nutrients their bodies need. For smokers, this high nutrition supports the process of quitting.


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