Happily Hapless, that’s me!

So, now, in your daily brief moment-in-the-life of Angela glimpse: I packed my purse in my carryon for the plane. I then left the bag in Stickel’s trunk so I wouldn’t have to deal with it going home later. That means, as you probably have already realized, that I was ID-, cash-, card-, and key-less. Yay, me! =)

This we add to the fact that you are well aware that I haven’t showered since yesterday morning (or was it the night before that?!) and am wearing the same clothes that I wore yesterday to do manual labor around my place (yay, gardening!) and that I was embarrassed to be seen out at dinner (last night) in that state. Oh! And did we mention that, of course, I neglected to put on deodorant… Either day?!*

Alas, this is my “girls night out” night. With Daisy. And her friend Maura. And yup, we’re on, not cancelling (we’ve missed the last couple of times for conflicts). And you know what? I love my girls night out. I’m tough, I can do this. I warned Daisy. [Her response: “I would never judge you (aloud) on your lack of shower or clothes. ;)”] And then I realized that I was cashless.

Sooo… Ali bought my lunch. And Daisy agrees I’m cute enough to buy me dinner. So, Shahab loaned me $3 (all the cash in his wallet). And I headed to the shuttle. I got to BART and asked a couple of people for change for a dollar, and a guy (Y!) gave me a $2 BART card he had instead. I got to MUNI station and they have a .25 cent discount for transfer, so I only had to use $1.25 of my cash for the ticket for the N-Judah. (Oh, yeah, and I’m headed straight to Cole Valley to kill 1.5 hr before dinner because I have no keys, remember?) I get to Cole Valley, and I take up residence at Reverie (a coffeeshop). I’m feeling to sheepish and guilty mooching off their warm, dry and wifi’ed space, so I finally go up to the barista and quietly tell her my predicament. I want to be a bona fide patron, but with a mere $1.25 in my pocket, there is nothing on the menu that is within my reach. (A small hot chocolate might have been, if the price included tax. A shot of espresso would be, but whoa! I need sleep tonight.) She smiles and laughs with me, sells me a biscotti, and I get a glass of water. And here I am. Daisy is meeting me early, as soon as she gets off the N-Judah, and buying me a pre-dinner drink at Finnegan’s.

Yeah, like she says, I sound like a train wreck (today). But you know, I love my life. All the little nice things that have happened. I left work and told my co-worker who loaned me the $3 to ask me about my adventure tomorrow…

Because I knew that I’d have an adventure.

*This was my trip to Seattle to supervise the mover’s packing up my place. (They pack everything, including the shower!) And then flying home really early in the morning (before normal people can be expected to rise, and uh, well, shower). In other words, extenuating circumstances. I’d like to believe that I’d normally be clean and freshly clothed on any average day.


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  1. Hello! I found you while twitter-hopping from name to name, and I just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoyed your latest post. I sneakily gobbled it up between work minutes. I hope you don’t mind, but I intend to be an avid reader!

    I hope you had a very good time and that you finally managed to get a shower. 😉

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