Clearly Compensating

There’s this guy. He is simultaneously the most revolting and interesting specimen of a male being I know. Here’s what happened last night.

Via SMS, Monday, Nov 24 2008 at 7:51:00 PM

CarDude: Hey brat! Headed out for a drink if you’re up for it:-p
Me: Friend in from out of town. At la taqueria. Let me ask.
Me: Where?
CarDude: No real pref except somewhere in mission, u?
CarDude: Make out room, casanova, latin~
Me: Make out
Me: Omw
CarDude: Sure, (jealous of ur taco!!)
CarDude: K, i’ll change & head out-
Me: Hurry. One drink!
CarDude: Pfff, whatev
CarDude: Walkin dwn

Tweeted, Monday, Nov 24 2008 around 8:00:00 PM

Got txt from Dick. Now taking Duke to meet Dick at the Makeout Room. This should be interesting! I am giddy with expectation! LOL

Tweeted, Monday, Nov 24 2008 around 9:00:00 PM

Duke & Dick just went for a fag outside while the lady fingers her full sized bass. Live. At the Make Out Room. It figures they get along.

The Needles

Via SMS, Monday, Nov 24 2008 at 11:30:44 PM

CarDude: Wish my testicles were splashing into you instead of this blonde biker.. Nite sexy!?

Via SMS, Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 at 12:43:50 PM

CarDude: So was that the needy ex??
Me: I don’t have a needy ex. And you are a douche bag. I can’t believe the text you sent. How do you honestly think that made me feel?
CarDude: Care? You stink.
Me: What???
CarDude: English! YOU STINK. It’s a bacteria and can be remedied easily. – just trying to help. – and sorry your sense of humor is hurting your butt.

He’s right. He’s a bacteria. And it can be remedied easily! 🙂

I was just pleased my pal “Duke” got to witness all this. Srsly, he’d never believe me otherwise! You just can’t make this stuff up! I have to say though, it really sucked to wake up to that text message this morning. It just made me feel as big as the two dollar whore who walks my street at night. And, on that note, remember to be kind to your local street walker, because beneath that tough veneer she has a heart too.


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