“great friends”

One friend spent and hour and half listening to every detail of my broken heart. And from another friend, a beautiful letter…

One by one, what I thought was lost is returning to me.

I don’t know how it happened but you have incredible insight into me and my life. The other night you totally pegged my previous relationships and now you’re right on with my wishes/hope/desire to find my one. Its funny, I’m really starting to get to the point in my life where I’m ready to share my love, happiness, success, etc w/someone. Anyway, I attribute your nailing my thoughts to your insight, the fact that you listen, and mostly, b/c we’ve really become “great friends.”

That is what i’m most grateful for, and yes, i look forward to everything that you discussed, the flirting 🙂 , hangin on the couch watchin’ chic flicks, eating at yummy restaurants, etc. Honestly, having you here has really been a blessing for me. Its just great to have someone that knows me beyond work, residency, the hospital and the military. Someone that i’ve known for sometime for a for away land, if you will …. not that Seattle is too far, but I hope you get my dramatic effect! anyway, i think we identify with each other moreso that with our other friends b/c we have a depth to our relationship that comes from our time in seattle together. That is special to me.

I’m really happy for you that you’re going to Italy for the holidays. I know when i left in October it was an absolute godsend as it cleared my head, gave me perspective again and reminded me that i’m a happy person. Hopefully it will do the same for you. Its a magical place. I can’t wait to hear about your travels …. before I forget, bring me some olive oil! thanks.

Well, I’ve got three more nights to go and it can’t come a moment too soon. I’m really getting old for this sht. Anywho, looking forward to watchin’ sex and the city with ya over a bottle of vino. mmmm good.


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