Make someone smile every day…

Most morning I walk several blocks down to where I catch the shuttle to work. Along the way there are the bums and vagrants who either nicely complement me, or holler after me “Hey there sexy…!”. There’s the lovely fruit out on the sidewalks, basking in morning sunshine ripe for the picking.

Mission market in morning light

And then there’s the lady in the newspaper stand. She sits there in the little box at the corner of 16th & Valencia, and she minds the few papers neatly stacked on each other. Her door opens facing me as I approach.

One morning I smiled at her, and she smiled back with the most beautiful toothless grin you’ve ever seen. My heart lifted in response to hers.

Each morning I look forward to seeing her, to smiling at her, to seeing her cheeks lift from resignation to elation, to seeing her smile.

I wonder if she misses me on Fridays, when I work from home?

Tomorrow’s Friday. Maybe you’ll smile at her for me?


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