Copying Playlists with iTunes and Media Player

I have four iPods (five if you count the brick stashed in the bottom the drawer somewhere), but also love to rock Windows Media Center (on Vista) on my gorgeous 52″ Sony Bravia flat screen television. (I bet mine is bigger than yours!) This leaves me with one problem. I make playlists in WMP for playing while I’m hanging around the house… but then wish I had them on my iPod, or vice versa.

While I’m hopeful there’s some script or tiny shareware program somewhere that’ll let me just keep the two in sync, I haven’t really had the time to go searching for it. (If you find one, please let me know!) But, I did find these instructions for creating a playlist from one application in the other. Note, this creates two completely separate and unsynced playlists… it’s not much, but that takes care of my simplest desire.


(care of iLounge)

Windows Media Player (WMP/Media Center) to iTunes

  1. Save your WMP playlists as M3U files. Use the “Save Playlist As” option from the list pane when you’re editing the playlist. Then change the “Save as type:” field from WPL (the default) to M3U and also specify the name and location of the file.
  2. Open Windows Explorer to the directory where you saved the M3U file.
  3. Open iTunes alongside Windows Explorer.
  4. Drag the M3U file from Windows Explorer to the PLAYLISTS section of iTunes. (If you want to create it as a new playlist be sure to drop it in the left-hand pane under the PLAYLISTS section.) This process will then read the M3U file and create the playlist in iTunes.

iTunes to Windows Media Player

  1. Open both iTunes and WMP.
  2. In WMP make sure you have an empty list pane shown to receive the playlist. In WMP 11 the list pane can be hidden and you can show the list pane by clicking the left arrow up next to the search box.
  3. In iTunes click on the playlist you want to convert to WMP to bring it up the full song list.
  4. Highlight all the songs you want to convert to the WMP playlist. (Basically just click on the first song and ctrl+A, or then shift+click on the last song, to select them all.)
  5. Drag all the songs from iTunes to the list pane in WMP.
  6. Save the playlist in WMP.

Apparently, I prefer to do it missionary style…

I was pouring out my long day of frustrations as the sole User Experience professional in my entire (IT) organization to a fellow Yahooligan today. He summed it up nicely by saying that I’m a missionary trying to evangelize the religious conviction of User Experience design to the savages. I thought for a moment, and yeah, that’s about it.

You know, the thing is, I choose this pain. I prefer to take the jobs where I can change the world and make the largest impact. I get a kick out of cleaning the dirty kitchen, or the scum off the tub and seeing the dramatic difference.

Today I compiled a list of Usability/User Experience references – my armory if you will. And I also stumbled on this recently published article, Pioneering a User Experience (UX) Process, by Boxes and Arrows. Though I have only scanned the article (I mean, a glass of wine is really my priority right now!), I felt like I could exhale after seeing the tidbits that made me realize that someone out there understands me. I’m not the only one who prefers to do it missionary style! Who says it’s lonely on the top? 😉