LinkedIn… email address to connect?

LinkedIn now requires that you enter a user’s email address to send a connection email. Now, there was a moment several months ago when Twitter used to fail whale (or go down) on a regular basis where I realized that I didn’t even have phone numbers for the majority of my close friends. The need to text or call was replaced by public tweets or DM’s. So I no longer had an address book of numbers, instead, a list of friends on my Twitter account.

Linked In suggests...

Enter LinkedIn. I’m walking this morning with a chum. Late, as I sit down to enter the business cards collected (of interest) as either Facebook or LinkedIn contacts, I think to add him… But, low and behold, I don’t know his email address!

LInkedIn, enter his email...?

Makes me wonder, how many people do you bona fide-ly know that you don’t know their email addresses (or phone number)?

I decided that this friend is a better Facebook connection anyway. (Edited: He’s not on Facebook! haha)


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