I love this iPhone case!

I love my iPhone case! It’s the iPhone 3G Luxe from iFrogz, mine is magenta. Not only does it feel great in your hand–velvety smooth–but I don’t worry about my iPhone slipping out of my hand and getting damaged! It’s sleek, not adding as much bulk to the phone as other cases I’ve tried. I also love the way the case slides on with a seamless curved joint–a nice design touch. In any case, I have gotten so many compliments and questions about my iPhone cover I realized I should share the deets!

At first, I had a clear case that was just too bulky, so I gave it up, took it off, and went without. Then I was devastated when I dropped my perfect phone on the aptly named Alpine Street in San Francisco and watched it slip and slide several yards down the concrete as the back of the phone got entirely scratched up. That’s when I found this case. I’ve dropped my phone several times since, and the case absorbs the damage protecting my phone, and still looks great.

One side note, the colored portion of the case does rub off on the edges eventually, but I’m so happy with the case I’m just ordering another one!

Interested in getting a new case for your beloved iPhone? You must check out this one! Best yet, when I went to order my second one, I noticed that it’s really cheap on Amazon AND eligible for free super saver shipping! 🙂

iPhone 3G Luxe from iFrogz


I let her get away from me

Bright Eyes, Jason Mraz

Bright lights, big city
Was quite extraordinary.
The drive was pretty.
I was in perfect company.
The love of a lifetime,
Since we were elementary friends
The one with the bright eyes…

Why cannot I be optimistic?
I tried to find the logic logically.
I had a dream and I could not shake it.

I was standing up there naked.

There’s fear in the truth at hand, frozen I forgot to understand
The live keep living; growing older more into a man..
And I let her grow away from me.

Love… love is not pretending.
Time… time was meant for mending
Memories into all is satisfactory,
Healthy smiles fill the page the day we spent in miles.
And I let her drive away from me.

The one with the bright eyes
Laughed her way inside this music box;
Stored away in the corner of my heart.
And I let her get away from me
But I’ll never take that day away from me.