How to Reset your Wii Fit

When I got my Wii Fit a few months ago, I made the mistake of inviting my friend Tara to set up her character first. It only seemed polite to let my friend go first, right?

Do you find yourself tripping when you walk?

Do you find yourself tripping when you walk?

Well the problem was, the Wii Fit assumes that the first character profile added to your Wii Fit is the Wii Fit owner. So then every friend who came over to play Wii Fit would be asked “Are you a friend of Tara?” when they added their character profile. 🙁

So I decided I would delete Tara. Surely that would do it. Then it would default back to the next character in the line, me!

Oops. Nope that didn’t work. And I was miserable because Tara has since moved to LA and I don’t know when she’ll be back again. (I did take a picture of her Wii Mii so I could recreate it, but it was like killing a friend!)

I didn’t play Wii Fit again for a while and forgot about the irky little error in design…

And then there it was again, when I wanted to start Wii Yoga. (I injured my foot and can’t do my training/running for my half-marathon in October… I’m (hopefully!) doing the Nike Women’s in SF.)

Persistence pays off. I don’t know if this answer was always there, just not documented, or if perhaps it was added in an update. And it saddens me because Tara’s Mii didn’t have to die…

Anyway, here’s how to reset your Wii Fit, whether it’s to fix the “owner” issue, or to reset all your data.

Please note, it will completely erase all Wii Fit data for everyone and everything on Wii Fit. Be careful not to piss off your significant other!

How to Reset your Wii Fit

  1. Go to the Wii Menu.
  2. Go to Wii Options.
  3. Click on the Wii Fit block.
  4. Click Erase.

Again, a note. This erases all Wii Fit data. All of it. For every player. So don’t say I didn’t warn you, twice!

Now remember, be sure the first character you add is the person who’s the “owner” of the Wii Fit game!


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    • Following the same instructions will work. It clears all data for whatever game you select, as if you have never ever played the game before.

      How to Reset your Wii [Game]

      Go to the Wii Menu.
      Go to Wii Options.
      Click on the Wii [Game] block.
      Click Erase.

      Let me know! I’m curious, but the instructions should work for any game!

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