iPhone “Cannot Connect to Voicemail Call AT&T”

Cannot Connect to Voicemail. Call your service provider for assistance.

If you restore your iPhone or otherwise swap your SIM card to a different iPhone you’ll likely get the “Cannot Connect to Voicemail” message on your visual voicemail screen which tells you to call AT&T.

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If you’re like me, you’d rather fix it yourself and save the time of the phone call.

Here’s how to fix your iPhone voicemail when it says it cannot connect:

  1. Call your own phone number from the phone, which will take it to your voicemail inbox.
  2. Press * to enter into the menu options.
  3. Press the option to go into Personals Settings.
  4. Press the option to go into Administrative Settings.
  5. Press the option for Password Settings.
  6. Set a new password. You likely will have forgotten your old one, but you don’t need to know it to set a new one.
  7. After successfully setting your password, hang up.
  8. Go get a drink, or reboot the phone. Give it a second to notice the change.
  9. A strange little dialog will pop up (within 2 minutes) asking for your voicemail password. After you successfully enter your new password you’ll be able to access your voicemail once again.

13 thoughts on “iPhone “Cannot Connect to Voicemail Call AT&T””

  1. Ravi the Lurker says:

    Thank you so much! I tried calling AT&T to no avail–even got transferred around a few times to alternately pleasant and cranky personalities.

    I got to take out my sim, reset my settings, and wait around a whole lot for some guy at tech support to eventually tell me that maybe I should call apple.

    Initially I had looked online for a solution by searching for “iphone visual voicemail update problem” but a search for the actual text “cannot connect to voicemail” took me to your handy dandy instructions.

    After dialing my number I was played my 4 new voicemails, given my options, and eventually finished and hung-up. Dialing * in that process did nothing except disconnect me (since I did not have to enter my passcode).

    One minute later–I get an empty voicemail box, followed by a return of my messages in visual voicemail.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  2. Toni Brock says:

    Thank you so much for helping me to FINALLY fix my whole can’t access my voicemail thing that started with the latest iPhone update. It has been DAYS! You are my HERO……. :)

  3. Yeah! This happened to me the last time I connected my phone to my computer. (something I don’t do very often) and I had forgotten what I did to fix it. I’m bookmarking your fab suggestions so I won’t spend an hour trying to find this easy solution. Thanks so much

  4. Just got an iPhone 4S and ran into this same problem, your solution worked like a charm. Thanks!

  5. Two years later and the instructions work like a charm. Thanks from saving me hours of hold time.

  6. Thanks. I too followed the orginial instructions and called AT&T. Funny thing is after removing the SIM, rebooting a few times, checking the version of software, I was tired of working with them so I googled the issue. While they had me on hold I followed the steps above exactly which fixed the issue. When the Apple idiot came back, I told her I googled the issue and fixed it. She told me no she fixed it that she re flashed my phone remotley and that is what fixed the issue.

    I told her to update the ticket however she wanted too. My issue is resolved, 45 minutes later

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