0x8007000d Error Updating Metadata on MP3s

Error 0x8007000D: The data is invalid. An unexpected error is keeping you from applying properties to the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.

I received this error while trying to clean up my music collection—I was trying to update artist, genre and album art on mp3 files using iTunes.

Apparently Windows 7 doesn’t support ID3 version 2.4. This means that you may have issues reading files tagged with the ID3 2.4 data (both in the file properties viewer, and in Windows Media Player / Windows Media Center) and you’ll have issues trying to update metadata such as Artist and Album Art.

If you’ve received this error—rest easy—it’s a simple fix. If you’re an iTunes user, just open up iTunes and select the album, tracks or files in question. Right click on your selection and you’ll see the menu item “Convert ID3 Tags”. In the drop down menu, select v2.2 as your version and hit “OK”. (For some reason even though Windows 7 supports ID3 v2.3, when I tried to convert to 2.3 I still have issues sometimes.) You should now be able to update your metadata successfully through iTunes, Windows Explorer file properties, or Windows Media Player.

If you’re not an iTunes user (and prefer to stay that way) consider downloading one of these MP3 tagging tools to convert your ID3 tag version.

When your music has been properly updated and is ID3 perfect, do yourself a favor and mark those files “read only” in Windows Explorer!


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