VOTE: Sapphire Energy’s Algae Fuel to Save the World (from BP)

My two favorite Mike’s are busy saving the world over at Sapphire Energy. I imagine my Micheal wearing a cape over his scrubs while tweaking dials and knobs on some enormous machine. And the other Mike, well he’s kind of like Brain. “The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to save the world from BP.”

What’s the point?

Biofuels Digest has announced a competition to name the 30 Most Transformative Technologies of 2010 and we need your help! In all, 149 companies were nominated in 19 categories, including Sapphire Energy.

Vote for my boys at Sapphire as one of the 30 Most Transformative Technologies of 2010. They’ve driven a car across the United States in car fueled by algae. How cool is that?!

  1. Sign up: You must be a subscriber to Biofuels Digest to vote. If you are not a subscriber yet, you can subscribe, at no cost. You must stay subscribed through the voting period for your vote to count… so please, if you’re interested in the subject matter, sign up and vote!
  2. Vote: Please vote for Sapphire Energy as an individual company under the (Micro) Algae, cyanobacteria, lemna, and plankton platforms category.

Voting ends at 5pm ET on Saturday, June 19th.

Thank you for helping to promote Sapphire Energy as the leader in algae fuel production. We all get by with a little help from our friends, and I’m proud of my friends for saving the world, one gallon of gas at a time. Maybe if they win I can get them to do a photo shoot, capes and all! 🙂


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