Voxox. Call, text, chat and more—all in one place—for free, or super cheap.

Voxox. It’s what I’ve been up to…

Sometime in January of this year I decided to stop chilling out and get to work on whatever I deemed cool enough to be my next project (what normal people refer to as get a job).

I thought I was going to go work for this really cool brand name which happens to be on my beautiful 52″ flat screen HDTV that sits in my living room, but I got interested in this little company that “nobody has ever heard of”. Could I do it? I mean, my resume has become bit of an unintentional ego trip. I feel in love with the people, and they had the guts of something I thought was for real.

That’s Voxox.

We’ve re-aligned and I’ve redesigned the experience. It’s coming out soon, and you can request a private invite to the sneak peek. (Hint, using my link below you’ll get in!)

It was hard work to get to what we’re releasing soon, but frankly I’ve gotta say (and I know it’s cliché, but) that’s just the beginning… I’m even more excited about what you can’t see yet. You know what it’s like to be a “talker” and having to keep your mouth shut? Oh, it’s torture!

In any case, sign up for an invite (use this link and you’ll get in to the preview for sure) and share with whoever you want. It’ll release soon, and we’ll be following up fast and hard with updates that continue to roll out my user experience.

Tweet it, Facebook it, just make sure it’s this one:

Once you get the preview, if you love it tell everyone! And if you don’t, tell me: voxox ux feedback – at – telcentris . com goes to straight to me. There’s lot of work to do, so I hope I’m hearing from you! 🙂


P.S. Tim’s tweet: Looks like he liked it even before I started designing the experience! 🙂


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