I don’t make pretty.

Woke up this morning to my friends pinging me, well the East Coast ones at least. Apparently Jonathan’s mom found his face on the internet, and alerted him to his new found fame. I guess he’s always known he’d be a star, but I have to say I’m giddy, a little shaky even. It took me a couple minutes to even settle down and read the text. I’m just now getting to that now…

I guess maybe it’s a good thing that they think it’s going to be just the same, I mean we’re hard at work trying to nail down the implementation of the new feature experiences… is it a case of “under promise and over deliver”? Always look on the bright side…

…But still, “Otherwise, it’ll work the same.”… uh, that hurt a little. I don’t really make things pretty, I make things work. (I did design it, but that’s not the point.) Oh well!

As always, check out this invite if you wanna get in. You have to wait to confirm but all my pals will get entry!


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