My face, on Gizmodo. Whoopsies!

I guess I didn’t really think of my face (or my friends) being on the interwebs like that when I was mocking up the UI… I thought of it in context of a marketing email. Wow.

If you want a sneak peek, still gotta use my link to request an invite, and don’t worry you’ll get in… We’re getting pounded (and there’s a delay I hear) but all my pals will get confirmed using this link

Besides my co-workers, check out my pals: @aquentamymac @chriskirkman @applemacgenius @morganholzer @noniekimp

Now I’m headed out to see friends in SF. I think I’ll wear dark glasses? 😉

P.S. @c you’re on my arm in that photo… remember the “white hat” @digg party? 🙂

My Face, on Gizmodo. Whoa.

My Face, on Gizmodo. Whoa.


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