I love my books.

I’m Pro Choice, but Please Save the Books.


“Have you gotten a Kindle yet?”

This question strikes my mind cold for two thought criss-cross my mind in a flash: first, “who would get a Kindle when there’s iPad?!” and second, “why would I want a Kindle anyway?! I love books!”

“Walls of burnt caramel with bookcases holding treasured and worn volumes of poetry, Dorothy Parker, textbooks of youth and scholar, biology and war, movies in black and white, and dust covered CD jewel cases.”—Piazza Prati Strozzi 33, Angela Baxley 2007

Today I stumbled upon a blog, Book Survival, which describes itself as “a possibly futile attempt to protect a thing with pages and a cover from electronic destruction“. My heart leaps in delight and a nearly simultaneous sadness. Here some guy named Christian writes An anecdote about a book. He gets it.

I wonder if he has a copy of my favorite, the Griffin and Sabine trilogy.

Griffin & Sabine is an experience a designer shared with me years ago. I fell in love, and the experience of sharing my love of this book has been one that’s most intimate I can think of. I won’t tell you about it, you’ll have to experience it for yourself! A Kindle, iPad or not, can’t do that for you.

That said, I am pro-choice. Just let me buy my books, and pay a little more for the digital copy! A shout out to A Book Apart for getting it right, with prices for the book: print, ebook, or bundled.

The New Yorker App

No love for subscribers.

And on the side for can’t believe they did that, The New Yorker app takes the cake. As a frequent traveler and a subscriber for years, I have longed for an iPad app for The New Yorker—to think! digit access to my beloved magazine whose paper form is crammed far away in a dark damp mailbox—how delightful! Um, yeah. Um, nope. Subscribers aren’t able to access their subscription digitally. You buy a digital issue. Really?! Condé Nast Digital should be ashamed.


Book, print and digital, lovers may also love readernaut.com, the easiest way to share what you’re reading with friends, and bookshare.org offering more than 90,000 accessible digital books.


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