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I love Windansea

I love living here. It’s smack dab in the middle of art, history and culture, and it sits pretty close to a free society. For months I’ve daydreamed about what it would take to preserve the building. You see, I had moved away from San Diego. Packed everything up in storage and spent the winter in New York, splitting my time between Brooklyn and Central Park West, thinking about the future and what to do with my time, life and energy. I said to myself that I’d come back when I’d found my place on the beach. It was a presentation for Qualcomm that brought me back, and when I saw the “For Rent” sign, I didn’t hesitate. I used to come down late at night to sit at Windansea on Neptune at Playa del Norte to watch the waves and think. Where else would I live but The Shore Colony? I had already staked a dreamer’s claim.

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