Electrophysiological Endophenotype of Hypomanic & Hyperthymic Personality

Hyperthymic Temperament (HYT) and a closely related trait, Hypomanic Personality (HYP), have both been related to bipolar affective disorder (BAD). Intensity dependence of auditory evoked potentials (IAEP) is a suggested inverse indicator of serotonergic neurotransmission and has been found to be elevated in BAD.

Significant correlations were found between IAEP and both HYP and HYT. Including Sensation or Novelty Seeking and Extraversion in Regression Analyses did not weaken the associations of HYP with IAEP much, but did affect those of HYT. However, these competing biological personality traits were hardly able to predict IAEP themselves. Impulsivity, though, was able to reduce the predictive power of HYP and HYT and to explain unique IAEP-variance. This was even more the case for Behavioral-Activation-System-Sensitivity (BAS) subscale Fun Seeking clearly dominating all regression analyses.



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