How to Kick an OKCupid Guy Off the Ladder in Two Dates or Less

Poor guy. I’d never share the story, if it wasn’t a piece of the over all whole. In this case, the names have been changed to protect the already not-so-innocent.

I didn’t write the original email, btw. A friend wrote it based on my rant and emailed it ‘on my behalf’…

Ladder Theory, explained by

Let me tell you a little story about the ladders—or alternately, how to kick a guy off the ladders in two dates or less.

I’m not sure what went wrong exactly. 😉

On 4 July 2011 22:26, Angela M. Baxley wrote:

well so here’s the thing. i put in jimmy to address this email and hilariously i am reminded that you’re michael, not jimmy, which is actually the basis of what i’m emailing about.

we got along great online, through email, and meeting… but there have been a few things that haven’t quite settled yet in my mind.

first, let me begin by stating that authenticity is extremely important to me.

as you know, i have a very hard time remembering names, usually only doing so when i see it written and form an association of face with name. therein lies my first difficulty… you unwittingly created for me a very strong association to jimmy p. long. but that’s not you. i have to shake my head and double back to get it right. <alert! error in processing> Continue reading