The WindanSea Surf Club Story

This article was originally written for the WSC Menehune contest program, October, 2005

It has always been about the place. Without the fortuitous geological formation of an underwater reef during past eons, just offshore from a steep, sandy, south-facing beach on the bulbous spit of land called La Jolla, none of this would have happened. But it did. The earth cooled, the reef formed, the ocean levels rose and settled with the ages, the summer south swells came, and the first intrepid wave riders who took the time to look noticed how perfectly the waves broke there, peeling left and right from a peak, with deep water channels surrounding it, and a thick kelp bed growing offshore to smooth the surface of the waves. It’s a glorious and beautiful place, this beach we call WindanSea. Continue reading



Mario, can you please send me a Surface? I can’t remember the guy’s name, but the guy in Seattle on the corner in the mission has one. he lived behind me on the alley with the theatre. also, though it’s a larger ask—ask the uncle, if you don’t mind, or jack would get it—we need the minority report surface. we need to return the creative visions to the creatives, the world’s current culture can only stomach the microsoft creative vision in the form of cool games… and i’m not sure anyone else see’s the mass of human capital sitting a wasting at microsoft. i’d love to have eilon and scott and mark and brian and… a reunion. but first give me the designers tools, and any visionary designer who’s still left on staff. (or did we all give up when gates decided to save us instead of making more money? why didn’t he appoint a trustee to his most valuable asset? i can’t wait to know, but i can wait to ask.)

btw, i am trying to start a stock market crash on the internet.

i walked away from SF to find a quieter place to think, and i saw that my klout dropped.

well i rose to the top of the design scale on empire avenue.

since i don’t follow money stuff, i just apparently make good choices because it keeps making more play money locked away under the same steady smart choices—i mean what’s real and what’s play?

Would you bet on me?

You can play how ever you want. Nobody has to know. The reality is we’re in a war for resources. I am fighting for you minds, because I have your hearts, but not your action. You all love me, and people like me, and we keep leaving you. Because you keep hurting us.

So place your bets. Whether that’s to abstain from the silliness. Or to invest, or to… see this is a game of augmented reality of the furthest bounds i’ve started to conceive. Continue reading

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Creative Tools Specification

Stephen Jenvey, as per my style I am listening to waves crash to some

[thesaurus: words for beautiful sounds; retrieve:images, music; sort: color, timbre; todo:look for a better word here. i’m trying to capture how magical it is to be able to think freely and design the future because you can see clearly, now the rain is gone.]

does that designer language speak to your interface?

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creative asylum

“Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”

There’s an amazing story that happened one day, when I realized that I had managed to finally lose San Francisco in it’s fog, Seattle in it’s gray, and New York in it’s busy…

I had found “a nice place for old people — and their parents.”

The way that I look at it, that’s perfect. I’m an old soul.

I call it home now.

And apparently now I’m looking for a home for the crazy people.

We call it a creative asylum.

I want to care for the minds that make the world sing.

Do you need asylum?

You, my friends, may always lay your head next to mine.


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People and Projects

Welcome to the new people. If you don’t know why you’re here. Don’t worry, it’ll come. The door is open. If you were to ask Loxie she’d tell you we’re all stars. Want to know more? Come visit us. Does an open door make you hesitate? Oh no! Don’t worry, someone will hold your hand, if you want to come in.

You see, we’re here because we need each other to reach our dreams. Continue reading


A Culturally Creative Manifesto

My manifesto? To bring human to technology to have technology to enable humanity. And then I want to make sure we all have good food to eat, in a cultural sense. There should be easy access to cultural art which inspires us to share. Why is there only one Cottleston Pie video on youtube? Because no one knows. Why do I have to search so hard to find something I know by heart? Because the Internet doesn’t have heart… yet. Technology needs our humanity.