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Boo Radley, Erik’s Version

So I met this guy.

It was a Boo Radley kind of moment. (I don’t even know what that means. I just know that Joon mentioned.)

I talked for what felt like three hours, but was likely crossing into four.

<Setting love scene, Jason Mraz Lucky, or I'm Yours?>

Finally I exercised some Southern style restraint by telling him had to go

suddenly remembering the friend I was going to go see that night. i quickly with a flushed face invited him to go see my friend Gregory Page play romantic <adjective> Jazz at the Warwick Hotel (check name)

<Gregory Page Movie from website>

he countered iwth a glass of wine at his place first.

(Ala The Never Ending Story: Erik insert “smooth”—it was a smooth move, but i argued with erik that then it made it his date, not mine. i liked that. )

<Director's note: consider insertion of the secret garden, center of energy concept — driving, top down, the single mile between her place and his, Alice in Wonderland mashup moment with the peering wonder of entry>

anyone who looks at your facebook would know that you eat — all you have is pictures of your food.

<Clip Benny & Joon: Having a Boo Radley moment aren't we?>

FORESHADOW Almost Famous

<Clip Almost Famous: I think that Boo Radley in To Kill A Mockingbird, mother to son in montage of him growing up; INSERT later in story when Tara flips out pre-Pizza Port/Solana Beach train station>
<Clip Gregory Page video>

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