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Telcentris Executives Buy New Cars as Employees Salaries Cut, Paid in Stock & Dreams

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Bryan Hertz,

Bryan Hertz, Venture Profiles

Reports from my former co-workers of Telcentris (whose identities are protected thanks to the fact that I was friends with EVERYONE except Mariana and Jim) are that the companies executives, Bryan Hertz and Kevin Hertz continue to flaunt new cars, and vacations to Costa Rica while they themselves suffer from salaries being cut, and/or accepting “deals” to keep their jobs and being paid in stock or “dreams”.

I cannot confirm that this is fact, I am only relaying what was told to me by two former co-workers who are gravely concerned with their wellbeing, and the way that the company’s executives flagrantly disregard the common decency and the law.

I’ve asked my former co-workers to reach out the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and file complaints. There is only one way to ensure that justice is seen, and that’s by ensuring the law handles injustice. However, the law is slow, and thus I started my social campaign after learning I wasn’t the only former employee to be suffering injustice at the hands of Bryan Hertz, Kevin Hertz and Bob Hertz.

If you care to share you disgust at bad business practices at the expense of employees, please feel free to reach out to them through social means. Details below.

Kevin Hertz image from his personal Facebook page
Reported, Bryan Hertz & brother Kevin Hertz buy new luxury cars as they cut staff, salaries, and promise payment in stock.

Bryan Hertz and the Hertz family, founders of Telcentris, Inc, and Voxox in Business.

Telcentris, Inc.

10180 Telesis Ct #120
San Diego, CA 92121-2741

You can call Bryan Hertz’ cell phone, which he manages using Voxox (meaning, you won’t get him, you can just flood him with calls and make him miserable) at 858.336.3383.

Telcentris, Inc. and Voxox in Business

The company doesn’t have a Facebook presence anymore, but you can tweet them at @voxox, or @VoxOxInBusiness.


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