My Mad Man '62 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
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6767 Neptune Pl. #15

Momma, I’m copying you so that there is a record of these requests, and continued complaints.

  • The dishwasher continues to have standing water at the end of the cycle.
  • The toilet continues to smell of urine odor
  • The garbage disposal again does not work, despite my using it as instructed. It just hums.
  • The kitchen sink is slow to drain
  • The blinds that were removed in the living room were rusted and could not be slid open and shut, nor turned opened and closed.
  • The blinds in the kitchen don’t open and shut since we’ve moved in, I’ve always left them in the position they were in.
  • The patio door still has no runner so it has a large gap, large enough I can slide my hand through under the door (I have photos)
  • The second bedroom trim has still not been fixed. The doors on both bedroom are in poor repair. The man who installed the lock for me is a witness that the door was not kicked in as Karen accused me of.
  • The bathroom mirror has nothing to keep it closed. I taped a magnet to the door to keep it closed.

On numerous occasions I’ve asked for the locks to be changed. I was always concerned because the locks I had been given, both times, were used and rusted. I was concerned for who might already have a key in the neighborhood, and my personal security. (I was told by the neighborhood kids, known as “groms”, that people make copies of keys and use them for theft. It took AFTER being evicted before Karen took me seriously and changed the locks to NEW ones.

Second, I would like to make a note that I did indeed try to get the kid out of my home on numerous occasions, but without police support or any assistance, I was held hostage in my own home.

I’ve reported part of this on my website, when I posted about the peeping Tom voicemails, literally “Uncle Tom” from up the street. It would have been nice to have had blinds to protect myself from having been watched in my own home, but again, Karen apparently has other priorities to consider.

Here’s the link to the reference to the day the I called the cops and instead [of being helped] was threatened to be taken away again. They never even asked why I needed help.

Also, there was the night that Zack came into the home (I had already requested locks to be changed at this point, but it hadn’t happened yet) at 3am and started raging. He ended up locking me out of MY HOME and I was left in the cold until I woke Gary hours later at 6am for a spare key. I again asked him to change the locks but was also a little weird because at that point I was worried about my physical safety since changing the locks does nothing about the home’s security when it comes to the windows.

Since Zack found out that I was evicted, he has left. I have lived in my home quietly as I did before, but this time with all the windows shut up for security, and the blinds closed as best as I can manage.

I’ve never seen such ineptitude when it comes to building management in my life. I have posted about Curtiss Parker and his roommate upstairs since Karen was not helpful in keeping him out of my home—”you should lock your doors”, she said—and the police won’t address me as a citizen so I can’t file a complaint. However, we both know that the pen is mightier than the sword and Curtiss and John are quite upset now over not having paid the $10 back, and all other grievances, as every Google search about their fund will now be along side my story. Like dad says, “payback is a b!tch”.

My Mad Man '62 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

We had to go up to LA again for the car, and when we got back…

I wish the neighbors would have helped instead of assuming that I was a hellion. There’s nothing like that night coming back from LA to find my previously “secure” home was now full of children and beer. I kicked them out, and the next day I’m evicted.

The attorney said that we can fight it, but I have no desire to live in this hell hole anymore. I still want to preserve the building, but I can do that without putting myself in harm’s way. The peeping Tom incident was the last and final straw. I had asked for functional blinds. That could have been prevented, as locks could also have prevented so much of this.

In the beginning, Zack was a young kid I helped out, no violation to my lease or anything else. But I did not want him in my home permanently. Karen’s threats made me move to put him on the lease (to be legal) and his parents were grateful for my caring for him while he was left to fend for himself thanks to their unfortunate family circumstances. However, once Zack came across cocaine through some dealer in the neighborhood, that was it. Game over. Would have been nice to have had help. It would have been nice to have had the police to rely on.

I’ll remind you that I was a perfect resident for the four months prior to having been thrown in County Mental Health given SIX different drugs against my will, and then Zack entering the picture.

Oh, and Karen you were NOT authorized to enter my home on whatever day it was that you did so. Tenants do have rights, you know?

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