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Bryan Hertz & Robert Hertz, Bad Business

The Hertz family, founders of Telcentris, Inc. and Voxox in Business, apparently had a run in with the law before I decided to stick it to them with help from the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

Here’s the case that came before the court in 1998. The court found against Bryan Hertz and his father Robert Hertz.

BEFORE THE DEPARTMENT OF CORPORATIONS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA in the Matter of the Desist and Refrain Order ) against:

For hearing pursuant to Section 25532 of the Corporate Securities Law Of 1968.
OAH No. L-1998060195

On July 15, 1998, Dale E. Bonner, acting in his official capacity as Commissioner of Corporations (hereinafter "complainant"), issued a Desist and Refrain Order against
Internet & Web Services Corporation (hereinafter "IWSC"), Bryan Hertz and Robert Hertz.  The order was issued pursuant to California Corporations Code

1 section 25532.
2 The order precludes respondents from the "further offer or sale in the State of California of securities, including but not limited to, investment contracts, in the form of contracts for web-site stores, unless and until qualification has been made under said law or unless exempt."

Meanwhile, here’s my case: I’ve waited one year for Bryan Hertz to do the right thing—pay my wages due, as well as the expenses he was to reimburse. I filed my complaint with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement in May 2011. The case is still pending.

September 2011, one year after being fired, and denied my final paycheck and reimbursed expenses, I began this campaign for social justice, which may or may not beat the law to the punch.

Just read the State of California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Wage Adjudication Claim of Angela Baxley vs. Telcentris.

Want to Help? Pester & annoy them, spread the word: Call, text, tweet, Facebook, or LinkedIn:

Bryan Hertz of Telcentris & Voxox In Business

10180 Telesis Ct #120
San Diego, CA 92121-2741

You can call Bryan Hertz’ cell phone is 858.336.3383, which he manages using Voxox (meaning, you won’t get him, you can just flood him with calls and make him know you care about companies treating employees fairly, legally, or just care about me!).

The company doesn’t have a Facebook presence anymore, but you can tweet them at @voxox, or @VoxoxInBusiness.


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