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Write using outline such as the rights of the patients—and then how they were violated.
David as the male lead.

What is the resolution?

Compare to other books and media. Shutter Island he ends up lobatimized. So does One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Rosenhan Study, result in schizophernia diagnosis and being held, medicated to the effect of depersonalization and powerlessness (including behavior and responses from staff to psuedo-patients).

Paint a portrait of my healthy, happy and secure life prior. Colorful.

List names of staff, and describe them vividly.

To dignity, privacy and humane care : Bra and belt were taken on admission, but was not offered a means to cover my breasts, and as I began to lose weight, to deal with my jeans falling lower and lower on my hips. Turns out that bras are allowed without underwire, and that I could have arranged for clothes. Instead, I was harassed by staff about my appearance, including sexual harassment by the orderly referring to my butt.

To be free from harm including unnecessary or excessive physical restraint, medication, isolation, abuse and neglect : those who took me in treated me as a criminal, forcing me to the ground, wrestling my arms behind me until I called out for mercy, and cuffing me so that I lost feeling in my hands. Medicated, despite no need for it.

To receive information about your treatment and to participate in planning your treatment : I repeatedly stated that I should have NO benzodiazepine’s, or Clonazepam specifically, as it could kill me (seizures). They came in with three large needles, while still handcuffed to the gurney, and administered drugs without informing me what they were, or for what purpose. While I was unconcicious I was further administered drugs without my consent. Upon requesting records, I was denied information, and it took days after release and repeated requests before I was to receive information.

To consent or refuse to consent to treatment, unless there is a legally defined emergency or a legal determination of incapacity : I was not a legally defined emergency or incapacited. In any case, I should have been allowed access to my family and doctor.

To prompt medical care and treatment : Do we consider three days prompt?

To have reasonable access to telephones—both to make and to receive confidential calls or have such calls made for you : I was denied access to telephones to be able to call my parents, every single time I requested to do so. Instead I was told I could use the patient phones to call collect, which did not work. I reported this time and time again, but was never allowed to call my family.

To have access to letter-writing material and stamps—to mail and to receive unopened correspondence : No one told me that I could have access to such materials, thus I did not request. I also was not given any means of accessing phone numbers or addresses, so I’m not certain what use this would have been to me.

Of f i c e o f P a t i e n t s ’ Ri g h t s—( 9 1 6 ) 5 7 5 – 1 6 1 0
Of f i c e o f Hum a n Ri g h t s—( 9 1 6 ) 6 5 4 – 2 3 2 7
Emergency Treatment. A situation in which action to impose treatment over a person’s objection is immediately necessary for the preservation of life or the prevention of serious bodily harm to the patient or to others and it is impractical to first gain consent from the patient.

Gravely Disabled. A person who is unable, by reason of a mental disorder, to provide for his or her own food, clothing, or shelter. A person is not gravely disabled if someone else is willing and able to provide these basic necessities.


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