Are You There God? It's Me, Gidget

Bishop the Surfer

Here’s the deal. You’re not allowed to worry about me. Instead you’d better be realizing that I intend to learn how to surf and I want to get to be me, the Gidget on Windansea. I’m not threatening you, I’m letting you know it’s not a concern, and it’ll happen in that order. I wouldn’t want to surf Windansea without you to see! 🙂

So the parking attendant spoke to me last night in the dark. Zac had been under a pile of kids, so I didn’t approach him (again). There just isn’t a “step aside” space in the hall like in PB and he’s always occupied somehow. Anyway Uriah said he’ll point me out to one of the elders.

As far as if you’re allowed to answer questions about stuff that’s more “out there” like we had talked about long ago… If you meant you could now, versus after reinstated, one of the things I wanted to know more about was Beth-Seram and the belief he held that the they’d come back (Joshua, David…) in our time (thus the house). I didn’t know any of that until long after out of the hospital. However, coming out of the hospital (under the influence of all the drugs they gave me) I lived that “fantasy”. In reality I met people, the ancient dreadlocked surfer John, a kid named Russell, and started hoping that that somehow something had happened in the hospital so that I could believe I was meeting the beginning of the resurrected ones, living among us in San Diego. There is a home in my (old) neighborhood which sits on a beach that is dedicated to with a plaque, and the gate is labeled, Paradiso. You have to admit, if paradise had to spring from a spot the way Eden is limited to one, La Jolla is a worthy pick for its merits.

So I learned the bit about the house, thought whoa, and was left wondering alone where he got that from, what scriptures? I’m not suggesting that it’s valid. It obviously was not accepted into our doctrine, but I’m curious to see how he ended up there. Any why San Diego? Seems so arbitrary. I wonder how many other deeds have ever been so unique as to be held in trust for resurrected ancients?!

Don’t worry. I know Uriah is a modern human and not the resurrected of David’s army. 😉

I also know that Steinbeck’s choice of location for East of Eden is also irrelevant. But it does make for great daydreams!


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