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The Watchtower’s Christian Channel of Communication


What of Jehovah’s Christian channel of communication today? Which of the hundreds of sects and denominations of those who claim to be Christian is Jehovah’s spokesman today in the earth as his divinely appointed and organized channel of communication? The Bible indicates many specifications, all of which have to exist together to mark, beyond a shadow of doubt, the one divinely authorized channel. Following is a list of requirements to be met by such a true congregation of Christ to fit her as God’s channel today.

  1. First, the congregation of Christ of the twentieth century must know what the name of its God is as revealed by Jesus to his early disciples and must become witnesses of this majestic name even as were the prophets of old, Jesus and the first-century Christians. Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses and their companions today have a rich understanding of the divine name JEHOVAH and accordingly are endeavoring to live up to this name as His witnesses.-Isa. 43:12; John 17:6, 11, 26; Acts 15:14.
  2. Second, the congregation of Christ started by Jesus as the channel is made up of all anointed ones who are spirit-begotten with a hope of ruling with Christ in heaven and whose number is set at 144,000. Which group of Christians in the earth today gives evidence of being the remnant of this nineteen-hundred-years-old richly matured congregation of Christ in its works and beliefs? Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses.-1 John 2:27; Rev. 14:1.
  3. Third, the congregation of Christ must be marked distinctly by being persecuted among the nations for her integrity to Biblical principles and for her uncompromising virgin purity to Christ Jesus as the King of the new world. Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses and their companions have such a distinguishing mark by being persecuted the world over.-Matt. 24:9.
  4. Fourth, the congregation of Christ must accept all the progressive revelations of the one true religion as contained in the Hebrew Scriptures channeled through all the prophets of old down to John the Baptist and in the Greek Scriptures channeled through Christ Jesus and his disciples. Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses and their companions, the “other sheep,” do.-2 Pet. 3:15, 16; Rev. 22:18, 19; John 10:16.
  5. Fifth, the congregation of Christ must realize it went through a scattering period leading to a “Babylonish” spiritual captivity, from which there must have been a regathering of “his chosen ones together from the four winds, from one extremity of the heavens to their other extremity.” Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses who have been regathered since 1919 from all nations, languages and former religious associations realize this.-Matt. 24:31, NW; Rev. 18:4.
  6. Sixth, the congregation of Christ must keep spiritually awake for the return of her Lord Jesus Christ and, when he comes invisibly with attention to this earth’s affairs, she must accept him and receive the joy and delight of the King’s presence as Ruler. Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses have been spiritually awake to realize this great event of Christ’s enthronement in heaven in 1914.-Matt. 24:3, 42-44; 25:1-23.
  7. Seventh, the congregation of Christ after the return of her Lord must, as the “house of God,” receive her judgment when Jehovah’s messenger comes to the temple for judgment, and this prior to the rest of the world. Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses experienced this judgment cleansing when the “messenger” came to his temple in 1918.-1 Pet. 4:17; Mal. 3:1-3.
  8. Eighth, the congregation of Christ, when cleansed, must have received the commendation of her Lord by being designated the “faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics to give them their food at the proper time.” Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses have realized this office since 1919, since when they have made a supreme effort to channel forth clean spiritual food to all those in association with them as Christ’s “domestics.”-Matt. 24:45-47, NW.
  9. Ninth, the congregation of Christ must receive in the last days the special commission that “this good news of the kingdom” must be “preached in all the inhabited earth for the purpose of a witness to all the nations, and then the accomplished end will come.” Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses together with their companions have published information concerning the establishment of Christ’s kingdom in 1914, which publication has now reached into 160 lands of earth.-Matt. 24:14, NW.
  10. Tenth, the congregation of Christ must today follow its first-century pattern by receiving progressive understandings of Bible prophecies which unfold further majestic purposes of the Living God and which new light of truth must be published impartially the world over by God’s prophetlike organization. Only the remnant of Jehovah’s anointed witnesses and their companions “do not treat prophesyings with contempt” but publish their fulfillments as they become clear, in their Bible publications.-1 Thess. 5:20; Rev. 11:3, 4, NW.
  11. Eleventh, the congregation of Christ must realize a change in her work from that of gathering the “little flock” for heavenly privileges to that of gathering out the “other sheep” to become prospective Kingdom subjects to live happily forever on a paradise earth that is destined to continue unendingly in fulfillment of the great Abrahamic promise. Only the anointed remnant have experienced this since the years 1932 and 1935.-Gen. 22:18; Luke 12:32; John 10:16; Matt. 25:31-33.
  12. Twelfth, the congregation of Christ must realize the certain time when Jehovah ‘plants the new heavens and lays the foundation of the new earth’ as part of his permanent New World system of things. Only Jehovah’s witnesses realize this and have come to know that since 1919 a New World society is developing to expand to fill the whole earth in righteousness.-Isa. 51:16; 65:17; 2 Pet. 3:13; Rev. 21:1.

See Christian Channel of Communication, Watchtower 55 5/15 pp. 314-315



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