Gmail Archive All Conversations

Archive Gmail Messages

Archive All Old Emails in Gmail

Ever wish you could figure out how to archive gmail messages faster than one screen at a time? Gmail’s archive feature is like saying “I’m done” with a message. It’s not gone, it’s just not in your inbox. A quick search and you can find it again.

So let’s clean up that inbox!

You can search your Gmail based on date parameters, such as:


If you want to limit your search to your inbox, simply enter:


Similarly you may want to limit your search to only messages you’ve already read, simple add:


Satisfied with your search results? Then hit the Select all conversations link:

All 20 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations that match this search

Finally, select the Archive icon, and you’re done!

Congrats! You’ve cleaned up your Gmail Inbox!

Gmail Archive All Conversations


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