Satan and the demons continue to mislead people
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Heaven is Full—The Hope of the Great Crowd

The Watchtower has always taught that the 144,000 are the ones to go to heaven—but most Jehovah’s Witnesses today don’t realize that Russell taught that they were all part of the “anointed” “remnant” going to heaven.

The remnant are a small portion of all the anointed followers of Christ who are pictured in heaven in Revelation.

Indeed, until 1935 when the teaching changed, the Watchtower presented the urgency for all to become one of the limited  144,000 who would go to heaven. With the message that of the doors of heaven would soon be closed, membership swelled… Continue reading

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Beulah, and the name designated by the very mouth of Jehovah

Beulah There was a sister I knew named Beulah growing up. I thought it a strange name, not being acquainted with it’s meaning.

Today I crossed a street I often cross—Beulah—and wondered what my parents think of when they see the name.

Nowadays I know the significance of the name. You see, this past year I started studying the bible—not “studying the bible” like Jehovah’s Witnesses do, studying the Watchtower’s publications and their interpretation of the bible, but actually reading and studying the bible.

I found it hard to just read the bible, as in read without interpretation, the scriptures. I was raised in the Watchtower Society, and reading the New World Translation meant walking down familiar pathways where I couldn’t see the forest for the trees of interpretation.

Thus, I took to reading a different version—and then multiple versions—and when I came to something that surprised me, I’d search out to see if these words in these versions were indeed true. Continue reading