A Boy & His Kite

I was raised in the land of bible thumping, and I think something about that has made me averse to all things ostentatious—I can still recall the first time I ran into a “I ran into Tammy Faye at the Mall” t-shirt at the mall. Whoa.

So you’ll have to pardon me if I don’t share the joy of music which names drop “Jesus”. I’ve never gone near the genre labeled “Christian”.

There seems to be something funny going on, and I kind of like it.

I’m discovering more and more music at the top of the “Heavy Rotation” chart on Rdio—and the albums are all spiritually focused… you know, like scriptural based lyrics.

Stranger yet, though nearly everyone I know in my day-to-day life is atheist—my friends—these albums are on nearly constant rotation, according to the service. I can’t help but wonder… do they know what they’re listening to?

Last week I hit Rdio’s “New Releases” section when I got home, and made an offhand comment in my mind (sort of like a whimper of a prayer) that I would love love love to have something good to listen to.

There was A Boy & His Kite. Knew nothing about it, but the cover seemed tasteful, and so I put it on and went about a task in the other room.

The music was melodic and made perfect company for a glass of red wine… but suddenly I found returning to the room, standing before the speakers. I did a double take… was I hearing this right?!

Having forgotten whatever I had been doing I sat down on my couch, laptop on my lap, and read the lyrics, song-by-song as the album played.

What can I say? He heard my wimper of a prayer.

The next day the album was on the top of heavy rotation, and there is stays to this day.

Check out Dave Wilton of A Boy & His Kite.

Here are the lyrics that got to me…

Till the End of Time

Give it up death. Go on and resign
Your stinger is broke and your venom is dry

Move it out, you sins that malign
You’re drowned by my perfect fire, my perfect light

Won’t you be mine
I’ll love you till the end of time
Won’t you be mine
I’ll love you till the end of time

I was the first born of many that none should die
I was born under a star that proclaimed my rights

My father was the author of life.
My mother a holy virgin purified

I spent forty days and forty nights
With no food or drink, just you in my mind

I reached out my hand and gave you sight
I turned your dirty water into wine

So untie those knots that bind
For no law or man can grant you life

Cast out your nets to the other side
Drink deep from my well that satisfies

Wash Me Clean

Wash me clean
In the warm sun dry me
Cleanse my heart
From all iniquity

Baptize me
In the holy spirit sea
Renew my mind
That wickedness may flee

Restore my soul
Holy spirit take hold
Bath me in your peace. Let it flow
Grant me hope

In the dark have your light shown
Sing your love
The sweetest song I’ve ever known
Barren fields will sprout trees

Deaf and blind will hear and see
Dead will raise and begin to breathe
Earth groan’s in pain to see
Sons of God declare to be
The full and glorious family