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The Family Band

The past year was a difficult one for our family, and the family band—the Three Rivers Band.

Herb and Katie and the kids

Herb and Katie and the kids

First, our uncle Randy went into the hospital to suddenly find out he had a brain tumor. Given six months to live, they operated.


He died six weeks later.

This nearly killed the band, as he was Grandpa‘s roadie.

Then Grandpa died.

Uncle Randy "Bubby" and Grandpa

Uncle Randy “Bubby” and Grandpa

After Grandpa died, Momma raced up to Indiana to break her out of the nursing home—where she found Grandma, having started a girl band in the Alzheimer’s Ward!

Grandma rocks the Ward at the nursing home.

Grandma rocks the Ward at the nursing home before momma arrives!

So while The Three Rivers Band is by name and nurture of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the band has gone South where Grandma has taken up with her Southern grandkids who are scrambling to step up to the microphone to carry on the family legacy!

Stay tuned for updates…!

Still in Fort Wayne and need a music fix? Check out Fort Wayne’s annual Three Rivers Festival, rockin’ the three rivers since 1969! Otherwise, we’ll post updates as we get the family band back together—coming soon to a stage near you, if you’re in the South!