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Hotel California Palo Santo via Angie Marie with Diamonds in the Sky for Lucy

Conversation started July 13, 2013

Angela Glass
7/13, 9:53pm

come up to 10. we’re getting ready for the ‘prom’. would love to see if we can include you in as much as possible, including introducing you to the organizers of the event
regardless, you know where i lay my head, we’ll be up here until we come down again.

Lucy Bruchet
July 14, 2013, 7:22pm

What’s the name of the creative center in SF u were telling me about? Where is it?

Angela Glass
7/14, 9:55pm

Hey!!!! My phone died right away. I have the room still!!! Can I overnight it. I was lovingly distracted by saying goodbye and by the wood whose name I still can’t recall! Can I overnight it? Did Eris ever show up (bag in lobby I left key on top).
seven seymour
san francisco

Lucy Bruchet
July 15, 2013, 4:13am

Palo Santo is the wood. Just drop it in the mail if u would: 424 E Palm Canyon Dr. 92264. No still have @Eris stuff here. Will she come back for it? I got the key on top

Angela Glass
July 15, 2013, 12:41pm

Key will come from apple overnight. Hilarious. You get to see my sisters more than me. Guess you’re in.

Oh. We have to install a — well, you know, if you want — an electric keypad lock on room 10. The key killed the weekend so I could be resurrected. Have to be low to stand. Research the word resurrection? I thought it meant something totally diff than I thought before I was given the epiphany.

Angela Glass
July 19, 2013, 10:07am

are you around? haven’t heard from you since the fires.

Lucy Bruchet
7/19, 3:44pm

I am around! Had friends in town from SF since last Sunday….and then of course the fires have distracted me. Still reading the Message. Loving it!
In work related news, our account manager asked about your reservation. I never ran charges on your card. Did you collect from Tikva? Is it okay if she runs your card? Didn’t want her doing it without checking with you first.

Lucy Bruchet
July 21, 2013, 1:25pm

Wow! I have been so deceived by the New Age Movement. I am so happy that you led me back to Jesus. I’m still in shock of how “enlightened” I thought I was and how blindly I was following Lucifer. Yikes! I am so grateful for you encouraging me to read the bible. Thank God! Do you go to Church or where do you find community?

Angela Glass
July 22, 2013, 5:56am

At Hotel California. Just serve grapes and grain. Or wine and bread…
Kick it and be kind.
Just call my name, and baby, I’ll be there.
So how’s the Walker?

Angela Glass
November 19, 2013, 6:48pm

your brother still interested in helping save La Jolla surf culture and hotels and hostile takeovers and such?
momma, you’ve been on my mind. wine and bread and cheese and sea salt crushed in virgin oil, with you my beauty, please?

Angela Glass
11/19, 6:49pm

otherwise, let’s get figuerd out
The Shore Colony | The Creatives’ Center and Surf Colony on Windansea Beach, La Jolla

I love Windansea Posted on 2011.02.07 by Gidget I love living here. It’s smack dab in the middle of art, history and culture, and it sits pretty close to a free society. For months I’ve daydreamed about what it would take to preserve the building. You see, I had moved away from San Diego. Packed ever…

Angela Glass
11/19, 6:50pm

then i want the old cottages next to the dying man’s hotel
old chicken roost next to the Brockton Villa
Let’s take over—Christ is on his way. Paradise to come, and 1,000 years of humans reigning from heaven.
You and me, babe?

Angela Glass
November 28, 5:53pm

Just thinking of you, again. Love you long distance and long time—who is minding the old inn? Have a girl friend, Diana, in from Dubai who was asking about the real one. I was talking about mine in La Jolla. Have spare room ready—come visit me Love!!!

Lucy Bruchet
11/28, 8:44pm

Angela! So good to hear from you, darlin’. I am working at the HC in the mornings. Just about 2 weeks from delivering our baby. Holy Cow! Would love to visit. When will you be back to visit California? Was thinking of you the other day and our wonderful talks. So cool!

Conversation started July 17, 2013

Angela Glass
7/17, 10:46pm

are you there?

Allen Walker
7/17, 10:48pm

Hey game Ganga
What’s up what’s up

Darryl Glass
7/17, 10:49pm

Any idea about where to get a few chairs for the beach wedding?

Allen Walker
7/17, 10:49pm

Define a few

Darryl Glass
7/17, 10:49pm

Don’t need many, maybe 20

Allen Walker
7/17, 10:50pm

I mean I certainly have maybe 8 or 10 but if they need to be nice in white obviously fold up would be important we may need to rent some for $2 each buy some the 3-4 hours each and have them forever dollars each
I will keep my eyes peeled
We’ve got a good week and a half for two before the wedding I should be able to find some
Obviously we need to be able to put them all in the trunk of a car or a station wagon to get him to the beach

Darryl Glass
7/17, 10:51pm


Allen Walker
7/17, 10:52pm

If you guys happen to be scouring Craigslist locally in C chairs make a deal I’ll go get them I’ll look myself but any help would be great

Darryl Glass
7/17, 10:52pm

Ok, we’ll check around

We’re going to miss this weekend party

Allen Walker
7/17, 10:55pm

it will not be the last
I promise
I don’t think anybody is going to come it’s going to be too crowded
He he he he he

You guys just need to rest up!

Darryl Glass
7/17, 10:58pm

We got a week and a half and after the reception party we rest
There will be no rest at the party

Allen Walker
7/17, 11:00pm

It shouldn’t be too terribly much rest after the wedding! hahaha

Darryl Glass
7/17, 11:01pm

A most valid point, but at least it’s relaxing activity


Allen Walker
7/17, 11:03pm

Shine on captain

Sleep tight so I find a stack of chairs I’ll let you guys know

Darryl Glass
7/17, 11:03pm


Angela Glass
July 18, 2013, 8:43am

ut oh. i birthed another.

Darryl Glass
July 25, 2013, 6:00pm

My son is asking if out would be ok for he and another groomsman to come down and spend the night there.

Allen Walker
7/25, 6:14pm

No problem, come on down

I might be in the master if not they can have that is always bunk beds upstairs downstairs skies room in the futon in the washroom couches et cetera

Darryl Glass
7/25, 6:21pm

I’ll update you on their eta when they leave

My son’s name is Adrian, the other its Lucas

Darryl Glass
7/25, 10:46pm

The guys say they expect to arrive about 12:30
Will there be a key or will the door be unlocked?

Darryl Glass
July 27, 2013, 10:37am

Allen, we’re coming back by shortly, when will you be there? We have a creepy issue to deal with

Allen Walker
7/27, 11:16am

tell me so I can bring necessary soulution!
be there in an hour

Darryl Glass
7/27, 11:17am

we are on our way back there now, with a few warriors

Allen Walker
7/27, 11:18am

could you tell me what the issue is…
I need to fix a toilet i know

Darryl Glass
7/27, 11:19am

Yeah – waterbug swarm last night

Allen Walker
7/27, 11:19am

creepy scares me
got you..will bring stuff for that
be there soon
headed to lowes right now to get Rid-a Bug!!!! and fluid master!

Angela Glass
July 30, 2013, 5:57pm

hey allen, how’s it going? we’re out and done.
left yesterday with the rest of the family. we heard you had people coming in and we wanted to make sure we didn’t get in the way. darryl and i love your cabin “castle keep” and would love to come sneak in some day and ‘breath’ and listen to your records! xoxo

Allen Walker
Sounds like everything went super well you guys are welcome to low. Anytime to elute il ok….elope. .
The photographs you posted were timeless
I hope one day I have similar images and feelings you guys take care!

Angela Glass
7/30, 9:26pm

Toilet seat

Allen Walker
Everything I’ve got is broken please make no apologies I’m just delighted y’all made it through the experience! I think I can swing in a toilet seat for $9 especially when it needed one to start with!

Angela Glass
7/30, 9:51pm

I bet you’ll find one in the back barn.


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