Add a Bluetooth Wireless Adapter to your Bose Sounddock for iPod and iPhone

I was frustrated that my new iPhone 5 no longer worked with my Bose Sounddock, not to mention that for years I’ve had various size iPods to connect clumsily on the dock. While I loved my Bose in it’s day, it had had it’s day.

Add a Bluetooth Wireless Adapter to your Bose Sounddock for iPod and iPhone

Moving recently, I came across my dusty and once loved Bose and wondered—why couldn’t I connect to it wirelessly via Bluetooth?

“Can I Bose with Bluetooth?”

And indeed, you can! I just ordered mine from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m excited to have music upstairs!

Here’s a video, but it’s really just a plug-it-in and hit-the-button installation—easier than playing music off your iPod! You can buy the official Bose adapter, currently on sale for $99 on Amazon (normally priced $149), but there are other brands available that are much cheaper.

See Bose Sounddock Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receivers. Bose boasts remembering pairing with up to six devices, I have no idea the features on the cheaper versions. Likewise, I have no idea the range on the Bose, but the cheaper models say up to approximately 33 feet. Still, that’s 10x the price for remembering your device pairings — assuming the cheap models don’t have the same feature. If I get around to it, I’ll post an update after getting to test our setup.

We’re also thinking about doing the hack to setup your old wifi router as a wifi repeater too; we’re living between three stories in a tall townhouse.


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