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ANONYMOUS and Watchtower Serial Pedophiles of San Diego


This post is prompted tonight by my personal experience with…

“not bringing reproach upon Jehovah’s organization”.

Most Jehovah’s Witnesses

have no idea there are 24,000+ pedophiles who have hidden among the silent lambs

in their congregations…

San Diego ABC 10 News reported obtaining video of admitted child molester Jehovah’s Witness Gonzalo Campos.

“I did abuse him,” said Campos in the video. “I touched his private parts.

Testimony of Gonzalo Campos

Accused JW pedophile confession on camera released by San Diego ABC 10 News.  

Team 10 asked if Zalkin believed it’s widely known that there are sexual abuse problems inside Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“No, no and it needs to be brought to the public’s attention,” Zalkin said. “They have been operating in secrecy and at will for decades.”

Lawyer Irwin Zalkin represents the seven victims who have come forward.

There has been numerous pleas for help revealing the reported secret database of pedophiles who have been reported or made known to the congregation but who are not reported to secular authorities nor made known to the congregation in order to protect children in accordance with God’s law.

 “He is a serial pedophile,” Zalkin said. “It’s about accountability. It’s about taking responsibility. It’s about protection of children. It’s about changing the way they operate.”

Zalkin claims child abuse continues inside the Jehovah’s Witness community. He claims church leaders, known as elders, and Jehovah’s Witness’ headquarters, known as The Watchtower, treat child abuse like a sin instead of a crime.

“The elders are instructed that they are to report that up the chain to The Watchtower, before or not to authorities,” Zalkin said. “It is The Watchtower who will decide what happens.”

Team 10 found The Watchtower has sent each congregation and its elders several confidential memos about how to handle child abuse starting in 1989.

The original memo warns to “be careful not to divulge information about personal matters, quoting scripture which says there is ‘a time to keep quiet.”

Another memo from October 2012 outlines the current church policy: It tells elders to “call the legal department” and “contact your … Overseer.” It says, “loving elders should take steps to protect children, especially when … the one who has sexually abused a child … will be allowed to remain a member …”

See original article—now edited—on ABC 10 News San Diego.
See ANONnews Alert:
for the Republic Report

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