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The “Normal” Sex Offender

I have encountered the sex offender who isn’t ready to admit that he’s a sex offender on more than one occasion.

He’s the “normal” guy—charming.

In this video psychologist Dr. @NinaBurrowes explains one of the reasons why sex offenders are able to get away with their crimes and shares some information about sex offenders that you’ve probably never heard before… the video skips to the “second type” she describes which is the “normal guy” sex offender.

“…the sex offender who isn’t ready to admit to themselves that they are a sex offender.

Admitting to yourself that you’ve committed a sex offense is a psychologically very difficult thing to do, because it could be a huge threat to yourself concept.

We all like to think of ourselves as good people, sex offenders are no different to anybody else in this respect.

So this type of offender will dismiss, minimize, and normalize their offending behavior.

They will tell themselves, “But this is what everybody else does.”

This type of offender is very unlikely to attack somebody in a public place, because if you commit that type of offense, it would be very hard to tell yourself that you are doing anything other than committing a sex offense.

So this particular type of offender is also going to select a victim that they already have easy access to, somebody who trusts them enough to go to a location where they can commit their offense without anybody else intervening.

They’re likely to use drugs and alcohol to lower their own inhibitions as well as the inhibitions of their victim.

They’re also not likely to use violence, because they’re trying to convince themselves that what they’re doing is having normal sex.

After the offense, this type of offender is likely to be very charming to their victim, because they’re going to be trying to convince both themselves and their victim that what just happened wasn’t a sex offense.

If any of their victims ever report the crime to the police, the sex offender who isn’t ready to admit to themselves that they are a sex offender is likely to be shocked, because the lie they’ve been telling themselves all of this time is that what they’re doing is normal…

And if you’ve been telling yourself that lie for 20 years, that probably has become your reality.”

Psychologist, speaker, author and doodler, Dr. Nina Burrowes uses cartoons to help people understand people. Learn more about Nina, and her inspiring work, on her site at www.ninaburrowes.com.


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