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Pretty in Pink and the Power of Purple

Ang matches her phone. How adorable

I like pink.

I used to hate the color.

“@Ang matches her phone. How adorable” — @Tara

Pink didn’t get a fair shot.

Before it came time to pick tech accessories with personality pink dominated clothes and toys too.

The color purple was my favorite, indigo to be ‘precise’.

Pink is real – or it is not – but it is just as real or not-real as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.”

Angela at Munky King

Pink used to = girl, but we’re more nuanced than that now.

Satya Nadella recently referred to some of the super hero powers of women… but really, we’re not super heroes—at least, I don’t have a cape yet—and every little girl isn’t a princess, we are the champions… 

We are defining new meanings… and we can spot the differences between in in the hexadecimal codes of blue, pink, purple… and little girls are dying.

People used to make records
as in a record of event
The event of people
playing music in a room

A Very Goulet Holiday Party

Now everything is cross-marketing
It’s about sunglasses and shoes
Or guns or drugs, you choose

We got it rehashed, we got it half-assed
We’re digging up all the graves
And we’re spitting on the past
And we can choose between the colors
Of the lipstick on the whores

‘Cause we know difference
Between the font of twenty-percent-more
And the font of Teriyaki, you tell me

How does it make you feel?
You tell me what’s real

—Ani DiFranco, Fuel (contribute via RapGenius)

Angela, Jeff and The Boa

I grew up as a “geek gurl”, and by virtue of time I became a “woman in technology”, along the way I learned words no one taught me as a little girl…

I try to stop using words like “stupid” and look for subtle ways to educate people on the etymology of “cunt”. along the way, as a “woman in technology” i changed the world, as the world changed me. i learned to dress down to de-emphasize my body, and later I seemed to backlash in a saccharine sweet pink empowered impassioned push which you all now know was my private temper tantrum post-professional-sexual harassment.

“Cunt: A Declaration of Independence” (Inga Muscio) book cover featuring Amazon’s “Look Inside” marketing, pun intended.

…words like feminism, and equity, and equality, and cunt.

Along the way, as a “woman in technology” I changed the world—and  the world changed me.

I learned to dress down to de-emphasize my body, later I tried to learn to stop apologizing, and then I went through a phase saturated in a saccharine sweet pink empowered impassioned push which you all now know was my private temper tantrum post repeated incidences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

I took my pink and exited stage left leaving Apple, and all my friends in the San Francisco scene behind, turning my focus towards the effects of cannabis on neurological disorders (epilepsy, alzheimer’s, dementia) and neurogenesis, and family.

Then epilepsy purple became Rebecca purple.

I’ve grown up on the Internet. It has been my career, my source of entertainment, and now I have learned… it is my community.—AlexLehner.com

I’ve grown up on the Internet. It has been my career, my source of entertainment, and now I have learned… it is my community.—AlexLehner.com


  The Internet is made of, for, and by people. These people: The creators, maintainers, and tinkerers all showed tremendous support for one of our own. Within the day, efforts were made with all major browsers to recognize the hex code #663399 as a standard CSS color under the name “RebeccaPurple”. After verifying with the Meyer family, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla all committed to recognizing the new spec in future browser updates. As if adding “RebeccaPurple” as the 141st CSS color wasn’t enough, much of the community also showed immediate visual support by changing their Twitter avatars to purple. The more creative variants of these weaved the color #663399 within their existing avatars or brands. Few things are worse than the thought of losing a loved one. This experience showed me the strength of community that has developed around our profession. Few careers are as open to change and as welcoming to new individuals as web development and design. Open source efforts, Stack Overflow, and more are testaments to the community we have built. Let’s continue building.


Still in love with my shoes!


When I put my feet up…

I was too busy building around the internet to get to use it to properly create and share content in this new fangled social media networked world. Over the years I’ve written about keeping my head down so that one day I’d be here—arriving at the time, with the toys ready to create. It’s like being a kid with a brand new toy box. I just wish i could figure out the money part. I hate the stress that comes with that freedom. I’d say I’m working on my karma, but that’s a half-hearted joke, at best. Years ago about the time I was becoming disillusioned with my experiences as a woman in technology, I became inspired by a new concept—”Creative Capitalism“.



I know I’m just one woman—if you’d even believe that by the looks of me, as I’m often confused for being a kid, or in college…

Breakfast at Las Manitas Avenue Cafe

…but I know I’m not alone—I’m spunky “Gidget”, and I have tons of friends—all real, on the internet, and IRL.

My Community

Here’s to the Crazy One’s

I can’t write, edit, and publish all the posts which tell you all the stories right away, but I do help to tell stories which make a difference.

Puking from the pink

“Puking from the pink”—@Tara

And ‘on the record’: I like pink, but I still love purple.

Be infectious.

Photo credits: @Tara, @CindyLi, @JayZombie, @TheAdnostic, @DKR, @AlexLehner and @LaughingSquid.

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… [apologies page: only one person — cobbling stories from prior private posts + editing w/ minimal glue = outline style to be fleshed out in blog / diary format = digital mass media communications mashup : I always joked about my UW Masters in Digital Media thesis…]


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