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Follow-up on Smelly Cat email

From: Darryl Glass 

Subject: Follow-up on Smelly Cat email

Date: November 25, 2014 at 9:24:18 AM PST

To: Angela Marie Glass 

Angela my dear,

You have become a disturbance to the community, and the ban from Smelly Cat is a result of your recent behavior. I am here to support you, provide for you, and protect you as far as possible.

I understand that in your current state of mind, which appears from all outward evidence to be an acute mania, you may not comprehend your environment or communications from others realistically. Also your communications with others are frequently not making sense to them. Hopefully you will be able to limit your communications with others so they will not become distressed over things you say or do.

You were in the same state of mind last year in the fall. You remember it. Once you came out of the mental state, you were very concerned about damage you had done while in that state.

I’m worried about you now because you are endangering yourself. The past 3 days you have walked into the street with traffic coming toward you. This morning a foolish driver didn’t even slow down for you, plowed right by at full speed, and missed you by barely 1-2 feet. So there are people driving that do not respect human life and health, here in our neighborhood. Please protect yourself.

You have a strong insistence on personal rights. What you fail to consider is that you are a part of a community of humans and thus have a responsibility and accountability to the community. You have no choice but to operate within the boundaries of whatever community you live, or else the community around you will take steps to protect the interests for all in the community. When your behavior becomes too great a nuisance and disturbance for the community, it will take some action, whether it seems fair or unfair to you, to minimize the disturbances.

Please try to establish some boundaries within your own mind so you don’t lose your freedom.

I remain standing by your side for you.




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