Are You There God? It's Me, Gidget

Smelly Cat

From: Darryl Glass 

Subject: Smelly Cat

Date: November 25, 2014 at 9:23:36 AM PST

To: Angela Marie Glass 

My Dear Wife Angela,

I’m writing this email so you will have this information to read at your pace, and for later reference.

The police officer that arrived at Smelly Cat this morning was there about you. You were wearing headphones with music playing and you didn’t listen to him when he spoke to you and then you walked away, so I’m relaying his message to you.

The police officer at Smelly Cat this morning delivered the message that you are banned from Smelly Cat, which includes the outside property as well as inside.

If you go onto the property, the police will be called by any employee or owner of Smelly Cat. In any such incident, any action taken toward you will be at the discretion of the police.

As long as I am available at home, I will go to Smelly Cat for you. When there are practical limitations on me as my current situation will determine, you will need to wait for me.

This ban can be lifted by Smelly Cat when your mental condition, triggered as you believe by high copper, is stabilized. So please follow through daily on your treatment regimen.



P.S. I’m sending a follow-up email to you as well.