Only God Knows

Some things only God knows. I picked up the book having read it’s spine on the shelf of the library, one which held another book which would likewise shape my spine, “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret”. I remember the day I read the blurb in the paper about the book which had inspired book […]


I Googled Gidget and Windansea

I accidentally left my diary on the internet. — Angela Marié Glass (@Ang) December 8, 2015 Are You There God? It’s Me, Gidget. “Nobody knows I’m a real person — they think “Gidget” is Sandra Dee or Sally Field.”—Kathy Kohner Zuckerman @Ori would remember the night I walked and told him of all the creepy sites […]


Dream Aria

Dream Nibbles is my personal site for my personal pleasure. You’re invited to share in my dream world where I riddle and rhyme and dance, mostly out of time… “The hidden forest lay as still we waked it with our laughter” — Elizabeth Hollister Frost I was raised, as any good kid should be, on […]

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Creative Tools Specification

Stephen Jenvey, as per my style I am listening to waves crash to some [thesaurus: words for beautiful sounds; retrieve:images, music; sort: color, timbre; todo:look for a better word here. i’m trying to capture how magical it is to be able to think freely and design the future because you can see clearly, now the […]