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Does Cannabis Boost Creativity?

Does Cannabis Boost Creativity? New scientific studies suggest that getting high on marijuana can genuinely make you more creative. Curran and Morgan are currently testing the effects of cannabis use on creativity in 400 subjects, and are then using neuroimaging technology to observe the neurobiological changes in the participants that are associated with creativity, while […]

Bex Apostali

Bex Apostoli

Here’s hoping dreams come true—I’ve invited Bex Apostoli to come explore interstices of society where art & culture transect with community at WalkerWorldNC. She lives far away in Vancouver, Canada, but we’re hoping to finally get to meet in person, after all these years. Rebecca “Bex” Apostoli seeks to share her love of art, design […]


The Happy Hypomanic’s Handbook

The How To of Happy Hypomania   Hypomania (literally, “below mania”) is a mood state characterized by persistent and pervasive elevated or irritable mood, and thoughts and behaviors that are consistent with such a mood state.   Mania vs. Hypomania People experiencing hypomanic symptoms typically have a flight of ideas, a decreased need for sleep and/or rest, are extremely outgoing and […]



How do you Define SpunkyGidget? spirited; plucky, having or showing courage or spirit in trying circumstances, senses & feels far more than can understand or put into words…  And when you look up the definition of “Hyperthymia” on the internet, you find and me. I think I’m producing the “#MOopetsRUs” Moopet Show, but not one […]

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<div class=”figure”><figure> <img src=”” alt=””/> </figure></div> <p><a href=””><strong>Networked Knowledge and Combinatorial Creativity</strong> via Brain Pickings</a></p> It’s quite telling, I think, that the amount of work that went into florilegia in the Middle Ages made them the most lavish and expensive books to produce at the time. And I have to wonder, when did we lose […]

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unexpected benefits of not being able to focus.

They recruited 60 undergrads, half of whom were diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). So these kids had real difficulty focusing and sticking to any one activity. All the students were then given a variety of creativity tests (including the Creative Achievement Questionnaire, originally developed by Shelley Carson at Harvard) and, surprisingly, the ADHD students […]

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What about—Jobs?

I just heard about Jobs. This July at 07:06:08 am in the morning I won the bid on eBay for the Jim Henson Think Different educational edition poster. Think Different. Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog. Apple For me, it was my “arrival”. My escape from the corporate beast and into creativity. Except—who is going […]


Clonazepam Side Effects: Hypomania, a study from 48 people by

Found eHealthMe—”FDA and Social Media personalized”—with a report on Clonazepam and Hypomania. “22,881 people reported to have side effects when taking Clonazepam. Among them, 48 people (0.21%) have Hypomania.” See: Clonazepam Side Effects: Hypomania, a study from 48 people by Hypomania (literally, below mania) is a mood state characterized by persistent and pervasive elevated […]

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If we ask the right questions, maybe we can come up with the right answers.

Hagop Akiskal MD of UCSD, favors the term, “hyperthymic,” a temperament opposite to “depressive.” Dr Akiskal views temperament as coexisting on the same spectrum with illness, ranging from advantageous to pathological. The DSM views hypomania as an “episode” that is part of bipolar disorder, but, unlike depression, it is not considered an illness in its […]

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July 2011 : Bird Rock Cultural Collective {BRCC}

John Allen Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 4:39 PM To: So what is that group? I’m a little confused. 🙂— John J. Allen Angela Baxley Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 5:20 PM To: John Allen Me putting all the best resources in a room and then shouting (useful but intentionally vague) information at them I’m […]


Who Do You Think YOU Are?

Purpose: To help identify self-concept. Part A: Identify the elements of your self-concept What moods or feelings best characterize you (cheerful, considerate, optimistic, etc.)? Spunky Demanding Loving How would you describe your physical condition and/or your appearance (tall, attractive, weak, muscular, etc.)? Short Cute Fit How would you describe your social traits (friendly, shy, aloof, […]


Cultural Industries: Culture in a Cup

What are cultural industries? According to Hesmondhalgh’s texts cultural industries are defined as those which have “leisure, information, entertainment, media, and creativity” as their primary outputs. Others might refer to the cultural industries as simply “entertainment and the arts”. What is missing in referring to the cultural industries is the required awareness of the impact […]