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Are You There God? It’s Me, Gidget

The Other Side

there’s the scriptures which ask what you’d do if it’d had happened to you… would you have let him in, clothed him, fed him and given him a bed upon which to lay his head, a place to call his own?

when they locked you up for it, would you do it again? and again?

maybe you would if you’d be raised on the what I’d long since been fed. well, that’s not quite how it works out. no—it’s more the opposite. it’s what i’d been fed as to the definition of service to my fellow man which left me wanting and searching for love.

love led me to the truth, and the truth set me free. getting locked up is a small price to pay for what ultimately was like the white door leading from what felt like forever into eternity.

Your Local Hells Angels

so first there was this christlike child who came to me, in something like a golden lanky version of my grandpa at twenty-one.

Daniel Zackariah Rhodes: He ain’t Happy, He’s my Brother.

Daniel Zackariah Rhodes: He ain’t Happy, He’s my Brother.

him they called a vagrant.

i’d say he was more accurately, and quite simply put, a waif.

Ready? Read on…

Choose your speed: Fast or Slow?

NOTE: This project, much like my clown costume, is a WORK in PROGRESS. If you check back later, certainly much will change. Linking old stories, back filling journal, er, blog post entries, filling in video and photos of events live... and the creative non-fiction that means I'm calling it writing my story, not blogging. Consider this a Digital Media mashup, for now.

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