Bex Apostali

Bex Apostoli

Here’s hoping dreams come true—I’ve invited Bex Apostoli to come explore interstices of society where art & culture transect with community at WalkerWorldNC. She lives far away in Vancouver, Canada, but we’re hoping to finally get to meet in person, after all these years.

Bex Apostoli

Rebecca “Bex” Apostoli seeks to share her love of art, design and music with other enthusiasts, while using the power of song to unlock hidden creative talents and stimulate mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic flow.

“Once the music bug bites its hard to get get unbitten
So give your kids the chance to be free
Surround them with the tools of creativity
A drum, a piano, guitar, a didgeree-doo
And someday they might just surprise you”

— lyrics from Righteous Babe

Bex is a trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with a post-secondary liberal arts degree and over 20 years of musical training under her worn leather belt…

Bex Apostoli

Bex has employed many of her talents in a career that spans from songwriter to performer to music journalist as a seasoned music industry professional.

I have loved Bex’s voice since I first heard her sing in 2008.

Bex loves her hometown of Vancouver Islandanimalsyoga and bass culture.

contact @bex0r

For help with, downloads, or for all other requests see Bex0r’s Bandcamp.


Recorded at GlassWing Studios with Richard Sales in Summer 2008.

the honesty ep was released 10 October 2008