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Mark Doepker


I’ve been called an outsider artist
self taught

Mark Doepker
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My imagination knows no bounds
it hears all sounds
covers all grounds
it pounds and resounds
taller than all mounds put together
My imagination is forever
you can never sever this indestructible lever
My imagination is strong like an ox
smart as a fox
thinks outside, inside, and is the “box”
It speeds, slows and stops all clocks
Knocks off your socks, mocks and shocks
hard as a rock
New kid, old kid, big kid on the block
at times it keeps me awake
I am no fake
Many things I make
give not take
I had my cake and ate it too
another and another I will bake
My imagination runs like a race car
darting left and right, accelerating, decelerating
With inconceivable might
Insight built in
as with all my kin
Made to win
ignoring it would be a sin
people see it and grin
My imagination is broad as the sky
I do not know why
harness it I try
When I do it sticks like glue
others have no clue
it is true, indeed the best brew
They think it can be controlled with a switch
but it’s more like an itch
it must be scratched
if worn to thin it must be patched
Once unlatched it is unmatched
Unabated, G, PG, R, and X rated
any literary description would be understated
Ah yes, much elated to see the things it wants created
Unfaded, chrome plated, not castrated
To my imagination I am a slave
and will be to my grave
to face it I must be brave




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