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Jehovah’s Witnesses and Child Abuse—Is there a problem?

News reports claim that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the official name for the organization that governs the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, has been engaged in covering up child abuse within the religion on a massive scale.

But are these reports justified? Is this a case of an innocent religion being unfairly maligned because of the actions of one or two bad apples in their ranks? How many victims are there? Do the Governing Body know about these issues? What’s really going in the multiple courtroom cases that Watchtower has been fighting across the world?

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Child Abuse—Is there a problem?  is a painstakingly researched documentary that draws together evidence from sources spanning the past twenty five years…

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Watchtower Society Building Beth’el on Toxic Dump


Toxins cause leukemia, at least according to Mr. Rob0t,” Angela warns the volunteers working for ‘the Society’ at their new headquarters in upstate New York. Concerns are that while the Watchtower Society may be able to protect their vested interests in the property and it’s financial value, they cannot protect their volunteers from exposure to the toxic chemicals.

This is the story of how Brooklyn “Beth’el” became “Warwick“.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society began as simple American religion financed by William Henry Conley (11 June 1840 – 25 July 1897). William was trained by his uncle in the printing business for ten years, and was a Pittsburgh philanthropist and industrialist. He was married to Sarah Shaffer (1841–1908). Together, they provided organizational and financial support to religious institutions in the United States.

William Conley was the first president of Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society, from 1881 to 1884.

In December 1884, the Society was incorporated with Charles Taze Russell as president. 

In 1896, the Society was renamed Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and later became associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In April 1909, the Watchtower moved to Brooklyn, New York.

#Jehovah’s #Witnesses are one of the largest property development #corporations in the #world–owning over 80,000…

Posted by Angela Glass on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In 2004 the Watchtower, the society began moving their headquarters after more than 100 years in Brooklyn, NY.

The new headquarters in Warwick, New York is being built by volunteer Jehovah’s Witnesses, such as my parents Arlene and Melvin Baxley (pictured above).

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is suing International Nickel and several of its affiliates, which it accuses of contaminating land where the religious group is now building its massive 1.6 million-square-foot world headquarters. Watchtower is seeking unspecified reimbursement for the cost it has incurred in the cleanup and remediation. It is also seeking damages, restitution and attorney fees.

In 2011 it was reported that the Watchtower Society was being Investigated for Illegal Toxic Dumping in Hudson Valley Watershed. Continue reading

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On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Angela Marie Glass <angelamarieglass@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey and don’t you think this photo of Eilon and I could make us relatives? 🙂 I think it’s the nose? 


In other news, I finally told the truth about why I left Microsoft. The CEO made some stupid comment about women—at a conference celebrating women in technology, no less—and I lost it. I feel better. Lighter.

I’m telling you because you know Eilon and I are tight as blood but keep up like we have eternity. So he’ll hear somehow I’m guessing, but I’m sharing with you as my kind of dad. 

The story, if you want to read it, I can send. Otherwise, I just wanted to say hello and send some love to you and your family!

Hello to Shlomit! 



a ? cline'd U yet...


Begin forwarded message:
Reply-To: halipton@gmail.com
Date: October 25, 2014 at 11:15:44 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Thinking of you…
From: Howard Lipton <halipton@gmail.com>
To: Angela Marie Glass <angelamarieglass@gmail.com>

Dear Angela,

Please pardon my tardy reply. I am always delighted to hear from you, and I truly hope that all is going well with you and yours.

Like so many, I was astounded at what Nadella said. Even though he is Indian and only came to the U.S. as an adult, he has been here at least a quarter century and runs the 3d largest company in the world. He knows that women are woefully underrepresented in the coding sectors of his own company, and he certainly knows that teenaged and college women are as interested in the future financial security of their eventual families as are boys. He cannot possibly believe that a paternal attitude where the bosses will “look after the girls” will attract the brilliant women that Microsoft needs, even if he grew up in that culture as a child. Just as does everyone else, these women want transparently equal opportunities for advancement and financial security. While I do not know a lot about him, I am exceedingly suspicious that he actually spoke his mind and told the world what he really thinks. If that is the case, then regardless of his skills as a CEO, I would hope the board considers a change.

Yes, I am interested in why you left Microsoft and would love to read your story. Also, I briefly noticed the comment on your website about “walking after midnight.” While I do not know if that was your reference, that song by Patsy Cline is one of my all-time favorites.

Thanksgiving is approaching, and you know what it means to me. I hope D’ar’r’y’l realizes how lucky he is.

All the best,



all kinds of blues

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Microsoft: On Karma and Protecting the Innocent

“Knowing and having faith that the system … that might be one of the additional super powers, that quite frankly, that women who don’t ask for raises have… because that’s good karma. It will come back.”—Nadella, at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference

Publishing today in response to Microsoft’s CEO Nadella’s perspective of the super hero powers of women like me who don’t ask for raises.

Bad Karma Coming Out of the Closet

I treated this situation as confidentially as I could, to the extent possible, as asked, for as long as I possibly could. I think I did pretty well, no?

Photo credit @DotBen “SpunkyGidget at Mix ’06

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I never asked for a raise, but I did get sexually harassed at Microsoft.

“Knowing and having faith that the system … that might be one of the additional super powers, that quite frankly, that women who don’t ask for raises have… because that’s good karma. It will come back.”—Nadella, at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference

“I’m absolutely reeling,” said Rachel Sklar, who in 2010 founded Change the Ratio, a group focused on increasing visibility for women in tech. “He put to words the massive fear women have in asking for raises and told them to trust in a system that is proven to be broken.”

Nadella also said he would “not fall for the crutch of the supply-side excuse” of women in tech, and that Microsoft was attempting to improve, despite recently released Microsoft diversity numbers that were similarly dismal to most tech companies. He advised women to be persistent in breaking into the industry.

I wonder what the percentage was when I was at Microsoft?

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WordPress Annual Statistics Report

This blog was viewed about 31,000 times in 2013.

If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it!

In 2013, there were 551 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 978 posts.

The busiest day of the year was November 20th with 247 views.

The most popular post that day? The Sovereign and Luckey.

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Jehovah’s Witness elder Stephen Robert Carter, 70, jailed for historic sex abuse

Stephen Robert Carter, 70, has been jailed for six years for historical sex offences against his young stepdaughter.

She described the deep psychological trauma she had lived with as an adult as a result of his controlling and manipulative sexual abuse in the family home.

She explained the difficulty of living under a “burden of secrecy”, unable to tell anyone about what Carter did to her because of the effect it would have on his high standing within the Nelson Jehovah’s Witness congregation.

Carter had admitted seven charges, including representative charges of rape, sodomy, inducing a girl under 12 to do an indecent act, permitting a girl under 12 to do an indecent act on another male, and counts of committing an indecency with an animal, and being party to an indecency with an animal. Continue reading

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Pedophile Marcelo Alonzo Lozano trolls Los Angeles Kingdom Halls

“Parents should know, it’s not the person, not the creepy guy in the street that you should always look out for. Sometimes it’s someone close to you; someone that’s shaking your hand every day.”

Marcelo Alonzo Lozano, 34, has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting four boys he met at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Sun Valley, where he was an usher. But police believe there may be additional victims. Beverly White reports from North Hollywood for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on Aug. 16, 2013.

Marcelo Alonzo Lozano, 34, has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting four boys he met at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Sun Valley, where he was an usher. But police believe there may be additional victims.

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Travis Foote — Watchtower Pedophile, Murderer and My Babysitter

As a child my sister and I were placed in the care of a pedophile in our congregation—Meet Travis Foote who, with his wife, baby sat us kids.

Travis raped his two daughters (younger than Heather and I who were in our early teens).

He later is convicted and sentenced when he, with another man, raped, beaten, and then throw a woman over a bridge left for dead.

She survived the 35-foot fall with a broken neck and brought Travis to a measure of justice.

Travis Foote — Watchtower Pedophile, Murderer and My Babysitter

Travis Foote — Watchtower Pedophile, Murderer and My Babysitter

Travis Foote raped his two daughters… and then…

I didn’t learn about Travis until after I’d moved away from home. I moved to Texas, the Foote’s moved to Oklahoma.

Travis had sex repeatedly with his own nieces who were barely ‘old enough to bleed’.

Back home, Travis and his family (his wife Michelle and their children) were in our congregation.

My mother let us stay over at their place. She thought it was okay because Michelle, his wife, was around. Yet we weren’t allowed to play at our friend’s homes if they had older brothers.

I once threw a milkshake on him at the dinner table for something he did to me under the table, literally. I got sent to my room for the milkshake incident. Funny how things work out, huh?

No one knew about Michelle’s daughters being raped. He wasn’t convicted of raping his daughters because no one brought that to the police.

(See Watchtower related policies which protect predators inside the congregation.)

It’s just a side fact in another case, where his “former wife, Michelle Finney, testified that Petitioner had told her that he had had sexual relations with other young girls. She further testified that Petitioner had told her about his sexual fantasies involving young girls. See TR III at 634-648.”

Michelle testifies “told her he had tried to have intercourse with H. F., his cousin who was then twelve or thirteen years old, but that “it hurt her and he had to stop.”” (see court appeal Travis filed)

He had sex with the other cousin, A.F. prior to her being 15 years old.

Michelle found a note from her to Travis stating “she didn’t regret what had happened between them”.

He had sex with another girl, Tamara when she was 15 or 16. Later she becomes his girlfriend.

At the trial her then 11 year old niece testifies as the star witness, detailing Travis’ abuse of her when she was seven years old.

Travis Foote

Foote does not dispute:

In a charging information filed on December 16, 2003,…

Petitioner was charged with the offenses of

  1. Rape in the First Degree,
  2. Forcible Oral Sodomy, and
  3. Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill.

The charges … involve a violent sexual assault of a female victim by two men.

The victim was taken by the men in a pick-up truck to a remote location in Pottawatomie County where she was raped, beaten, and then thrown over a bridge.

The victim survived the attack, although she sustained serious injuries in the approximately 35-foot fall from the bridge, including a broken neck … [After an initial mistrial],… Petitioner was charged with the offenses of

  1. Rape in the First Degree,
  2. Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill, and
  3. Kidnapping …

[T]he jury found Petitioner guilty of all three counts and recommended sentences of thirty years, twenty years, and ten years, respectively.

Below: A letter written to my husband as a child bride (16 years old)… references moving to North Carolina with the help of Travis Foote.

for the Republic Report
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Child Checks Victoria on Children Check

A child in Victoria, Australia pooled his pocket money together with three other buddies in order to pay $69.70 to launch a private criminal prosecution against the Jehovah’s Witnesses of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in February.

The Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal heard a religious vilification complaint against the Watchtower by Mr. Unthank in May, after the Watchtower said people who left the Watchtower, as he had, were ”mentally diseased”. Continue reading

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ANONYMOUS and Watchtower Serial Pedophiles of San Diego


This post is prompted tonight by my personal experience with…

“not bringing reproach upon Jehovah’s organization”.

Most Jehovah’s Witnesses

have no idea there are 24,000+ pedophiles who have hidden among the silent lambs

in their congregations…

San Diego ABC 10 News reported obtaining video of admitted child molester Jehovah’s Witness Gonzalo Campos.

“I did abuse him,” said Campos in the video. “I touched his private parts.

Testimony of Gonzalo Campos

Accused JW pedophile confession on camera released by San Diego ABC 10 News.  

Team 10 asked if Zalkin believed it’s widely known that there are sexual abuse problems inside Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“No, no and it needs to be brought to the public’s attention,” Zalkin said. “They have been operating in secrecy and at will for decades.”

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Gender Violence Issues—and a Few Good Men [TED Talk]

Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called “women’s issues.” But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out that these are intrinsically men’s issues — and shows how these violent behaviors are tied to definitions of manhood. A clarion call for us all — women and men — to call out unacceptable behavior and be leaders of change.

Jackson Katz asks a very important question that gets at the root of why sexual abuse, rape and domestic abuse remain a problem: What’s going on with men? Continue reading

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Hitler and The Watchtower

“Did Hitler receive letters of protest from church officials concerning the outrages perpetrated by the National Socialists, or Nazis? There were some, but such letters were few and far between. In the Moscow archives, however, Eberle found a file containing a number of letters sent to Hitler by Jehovah’s Witnesses from different parts of Germany, protesting against the conduct of the Nazis.” — Watchtower 2011 Oct 1 p.14

See also: “Have You Been Lied To?” Continue reading

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No Social Networking Until You Have A Plan In Order


“I shall use subliminal mind control to take over the world …. [A subliminal message] is a recorded message perceived only be the subconscious human mind. I have recorded such a message. [The message is:] Citizens of the world. You are under my control. You will do whatever I say! … If people heard this message enough times, they would succumb to my control and we could take over the world … the only problem: how to get his message repeated worldwide airplay … Country music! … I will go to Nashville and become the biggest country music star of all time. Everyone will hear my record and my subliminal message and I will take over the world!

My parents have twice ‘disowned’ me for being disfellowshipped from the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses under the ecclesiastical authority of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. (for profit corporation) and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (non-stock, not-for-profit organization).

I spent a year in emotional silence — speaking only to people I’d meet or work with, but none of my family or friends — when I was 20 years old after divorcing my abusive husband whom “the organization” gave me no help to escape. They disfellowshipped me, after ignoring repeated attempts for help.

That was the Mooresville congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. That congregation was so bad that it wasn’t just me being abused and punished by the ‘elders’, but it was also my girls friends. S, T, A, and me. Four women married, abused, and rebuked for it.

Then I was reinstated a year later, and thus given family support again. But for what? Our love was broken. I no longer believed that my mother loved me “unconditionally” as she would say. It was clearly a conditional unconditional love. A fact she still cannot conceive of today.

I moved west and kept moving, matching the distance to my family’s heart with distance in miles on the map. I spent six years in Seattle where I was disfellowshipped again.

My mother has no idea who I am as a person. I was emancipated as a minor at 15 years old when I left her home. (It was simply a legal function to protect my ability to care for myself while traveling and done in accordance with my mother’s guidance.)

She has no idea what I do, how I care for myself, and who I am.

This is an email from my mother which one day will shame her.

For now, I have to get back to work, “Social Networking”… Continue reading

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Backstory on the Seymour Saga

Sonia Gioseffi: “I want to make sure that you are safe and aware of what happens when you start getting involved with police issues like a restraining order, though it sounds like you do — sorry if you took it as threatening.” — April 23, 2013 via email

Sonia repeatedly warned me… Yes Sonia, I know what happens. Social justice, even if justice isn’t met by law. I gave Sonia notice that I’m moving out and moving across the street. I found her repeated warnings threatening in and of themselves. And if I’m scared, I figured the Linares must be exhausted from the persecution. So I decided to move in to offer my support.

For Public Record in the Case of Seymour Street

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Because you’re mine, I walk the line…

Darryl Walks the Line for His Girl

One day you’ll remember this as the story about my husband and how he sealed the deal. He’s an amazing man, who stepped right into my crazy world and all the drama that seems to accompany a woman designed to live a story…

But for now it’s really simply my copy and pasting the declaration here so we can make sure that the story gets properly edited and refined.

Those who know me know how I feel about the law and the irony of anyone calling it the justice system, and one day you’ll know all the liberties the state of California has taken from my friends, and from me…

But this is just a copy-paste, and we’ll tell the story later.

So go about your day, and come back June 19th.

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Angela Glass Beach Bride

North Carolina Beach Wedding Rules and Regulations

 General Info

  • See Register of Deeds’ Office to get a marriage license. In the state of North Carolina, it does not matter which county you get the marriage license from (meaning you don’t have to get the license in the same county you plan on getting married in). The license is $60 and after it has been signed, must be returned to the county you purchased it in.

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Watchtower Documentation: “Thanks to ANONs”

700MB of documents RE the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses

We like to thank all ANONS who helped to collect, evaluate and sort this material.

Browse all files · Full Archive (bzip2, 700mb) · Added January 18, 2013

  • An interesting, mainly credible, account of an insider’s view of congregation workings over the past several decades. JW’s Brooklyn and Manhattan real estate holdings, possible fraud, Watchtower history, and their policies toward child sex abuse cases, beginning in the 1980s, are detailed. A good place to start for someone with limited knowledge of Witnesses. (PDF, 460kb)
  • Folder of documents on the “Chimera” lawsuit, a current pro se action brought in San Mateo, California involving alleged congregation fraud, money laundering, and a wide ranging RICO scheme involving bank, city, and public employees, to divest older members of the congregation from their spiritual leadership positions, and control over congregation cash. The case itself may not offer much insight, but does gives clues as to how the congregation is structured, and details some of their inner workings on maintaining bank accounts, fundraising, et cetera.
  • Some of this information about building fund schemes, touched upon here and in other Chimera case docs, may be of interest to those who are studying Scientology’s real estate transactions and fundraising schemes, as described in Lawrence Wright’s new book “Going Clear”. (PDF, 105kb)
  • Collection of material about child sex abuse allegations within the JW. Witness testimony, a large volume of info on William Bowen, who founded a Jehovah’s Witnesses survivors support group, SilentLambs, Inc, corporate docs, and lawsuit material between the congregation and Bowen, included.

There is lots of more data in the archive, including video testimony and various other court documents. Use the links  to access the full data. We like to thank all ANONS who helped to collect, evaluate and sort this material.

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The Devil Slept in My Bed

“Thanks for the platform Angela. Sorry you had the unfortunate experience of getting molested by my old room mate Curtiss Parker. Hope you get over it some day but I know that’s easier said than done. Allowing me to post this article should at least give you some satisfaction. Too bad it won’t bring you redemption. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will do something about these two con men. As always, Your Friend and former neighbor, John Harter”

The Devil Slept in my Bed

4 messages with John Harter regarding Curtiss Parker

Angela Baxley Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 11:51 AM
To: johnharter1@aol.com

Hey John. Last summer he came downstairs and slept in my bed. I arrived home to find my roommate on the couch, and Curtis in my bed. I believe that was about the same day I decided to kick my roommate out (reasoning, of what use is it to have “a man in the house” when he allows the drunk neighbor to waltz through the living room and into my bedroom to sleep in my bed, when his is upstairs?!).

Later when I was dealing with the cops and they wanted to know why I didn’t feel safe at home, I responded “the devil slept in my bed”. Of course cops are far less imaginative than I am, and they took that to mean I was crazy. Thus I was taken away and locked up—and Curtis still runs free. Irony of life.

I’m not sure what I would suggest you’d do. Curtis told the landlord malicious lies about me, apparently also spreading rumors in the complex about me as well. I heard from neighbors about his saying I was lesbian and other sexually oriented lies. Eventually Karen, the landlord, decided to get rid of me. Why she’s kept Curtis so long, and why she chose him over me, I have no idea. That however doesn’t fair well for you.

You should look into your legal rights—are you on the lease? Is he? Is it a joint lease?

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Curtiss Parker, Convicted Fraud
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FRAUD: Curtiss Parker, Jeff Stone and the Hong Kong Alliance Fund

SCAM ALERT: Exposing Fraud on Jeff Stone, Janette Diller Stone and
Curtiss Parker of the Hong Kong Alliance Fund Limited and the Wakabayashi Fund, LLC.

“The Devil slept in my bed”, she said. I found Curtiss Parker drunk and passed out in my bed and I didn’t feel safe in my home anymore.

One day last summer I came home to find my roommate stoned on the couch, and to find “the devil slept in my bed“. My roommate seemed to think nothing of the fact that a man entered our home, proceeded to my bedroom and decided to take a nap in my bed—despite the fact that his very own bed was literally one floor above, as he lived upstairs and his bedroom was directly above my own. I woke him screaming and chased him out of the house, and then I kicked out my roommate.

The roommate moved out, but I continued to have to deal with the drunk upstairs, Curtiss Parker. Who, in addition to sleeping in my bed, also molested me. Yuck.

Curtiss Parker, Convicted Fraud

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Candace Conti
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Anonymous : Candace Conti won against the Watchtower

On June 13 and 14, 2012, for the first time in its history, the Watchtower society (Jehovah’s Witnesses) lost a court battle about its implication in a child sex abuse case. The Californian Justice System of Alameda found the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society legally responsible and has been ordered to pay up to 2.8 million dollars in compensatory damages and as much as 21 million dollars in punitive damages to the victim, Candace Conti.

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FRAUD: Curtiss Parker, Wakabayashi Fund

This story has no actual linked connection to the story in July 2011, The Devil Slept In My Bed, and thus a link is added by the author.

On my to do list lately has been to address Curtiss Parker, of the Wakabayashi Fund and the Parker family (see mother Patricia Zinsmeister Parker), and formerly Managing Director of Bear Sterns Co. (and prior to Bear Sterns, Mr. Parker was associated with the Boston Group, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and Lehman Brothers).

Curtiss Parker also happens to be my upstairs neighbor at good ol’ 6767 Neptune Place, La Jolla, California 92037. If you want to write him, he’s in unit #16.

The first day I met Curtiss was the day I was looking at the apartment below his. As I waited in the street to see if I could view the apartment he called out from his deck above and offered sangria with he and his pal John, and I could look at his apartment—the second floor replica of what would come to be my own.

I agreed, and asked if I could change in his restroom—I was still in my presentation clothes for the executive presentation I gave at Qualcomm earlier that day. Upstairs I accepted the sangria—quite good actually—looked quickly around the apartment to get a sense of it, and then excused myself to the restroom to change. After I came out I was a bit uneasy as his friend was no longer around. My momma taught me never to be alone with a man, let alone a stranger in his apartment. I straightened my back and sat on the couch. Somehow in the course of the absolutely bizarre conversation to follow, he leaned over (while I swear I somehow wasn’t aware?!) and kissed me full on the mouth. I recoiled, beyond grossed out. I will never forget those lifeless limp bulbous lips. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Let alone that he’s got blonde highlighted hair to his shoulder in a Fabio-esque style, and an orange tan to rival George Hamilton’s (who I later am to learn is his idol). Ew.

A few weeks later as my roommate and I move in, I tell Thanasi about what happened and warned him to steer clear of him. I don’t know why, but over time Thanasi decided to befriend Curtiss. He thought that he wasn’t that bad.

Then we fast forward to July. I’ve kicked my former roommate out for being a world class do nothing all day stoner, and now have to deal with Curtiss who find my apartment to be a mere extension of his own. I would “scream him out of the house”, a drunkard who is drunk from the moment he gets up to the moment he apparently slips back under the rock from which he must have come (sorry Patricia, I’m not a fan of your son, he’s a world class creep—then again I imagine you’re not so proud of what he’s done to your family name either).

One of the instances is a lovely evening when I thought I was indeed alone in my apartment. I come out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, and go to my bedroom. As I stepped over to my dresser, I dropped my towel on the bed and there, standing in all my naked beauty, I hear him coming. He’s entered my home, and is approaching my mirrored bedroom. I start yelling at him to get out, and he (in an act?) drunkenly misunderstands.

On another occasion I was looking for a neighbor with a truck to help me pick up the mattress I purchased from Macy’s. John, Curtiss’ roommate was always a nice enough guy, and I had left a voicemail to see if he’d help me. Instead, my world-class awesome neighbor Aaron helped. But I get home to find a disgusting used mattress circa 1980 which looks like it’s been pulled from the dumpster in my spare bedroom. He had entered my home while I was not there and put a used mattress in my home. I asked for help from one of the neighborhood kids and hoisted the disgusting thing back up to his door and blocked his door with it.

My landlord, Karen of Neptune Place, has done nothing to assist. She sits as gossip queen passing on the latest of the slander I usually hear first from my neighbor informant. She believes everything. Whatever it is, obviously rejecting Curtiss wasn’t the greatest idea for my residency here. However, you’ve all noted that I’ve been being patient for quite a while. You see, I believe in people doing the right thing, and second chances.

However, after having Karen alluding to there not needing to be neighborhood drama (when I suggested perhaps I should file a restraining order against him?) I acquiesced.

Hello?! Did you not notice that you’ve evicted me Karen? Where is there any reason for me to behave now?

So please, meet Curtiss’ Parker of the Wakabayashi Fund. He owes me $10. He passed a bad check to my friend, and there is a $10 balance left.

Yup, this is all for $10, well, that and the repeated molestations.

Curtiss Parker, age 51 of La Jolla, defrauded investors out of millions in a pump-and-dump scam. Continue reading

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My Momma always said, if…

telcentris voxox owes angela

“If you can’t say anything nice—don’t say anything at all.”

We talk about “big” ponds and “small” ponds. San Diego, as compared to San Francisco, is a small pond. However, even in the big pond it’s important that you don’t pee in the pool. You never know when and how you’re going to have to interact with a person in the future. My momma taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

This is all to say two points—one, I have had to interact with the Telcentris VP even after being fired, it’s part of being in a small pond where interests, neighborhoods, friends and professional lives are intertwined, and two, I tried to be nice and remind him to be nice, or just leave me alone.

In conversations over the past couple of days with friends, and indeed the audience of a certain female focused website, folks have asked open questions about my intentions, and what went on in the course of my time at Telcentris. I look forward to sharing more over time, but unfortunately right now it’s a trickle effect thanks to how claims, lawsuits, settlements, and social media works. Yes, I’m simply employing the very same strategies I would in my professional business to this very nasty business with Telcentris, and the Hertz family of San Diego.

My intent is fairly simple.

  1. I would like to be paid what is owed to me, according to our state’s calculations (meaning including penalties and interest).
  2. I would like to create awareness around women in technology, and sexual harassment in the workplace. Perhaps even motivate other women to step up and speak up, or at least to become more educated and be better equipped to handle their own matters privately with Federal and State claims.
  3. I would like to make sure that the technology and investing community are aware of the business practices and dealings of Telcentris, Inc, it’s executive staff, and the Hertz family of San Diego—a serial entrepreneurial family in San Diego.

What follows is a SMS conversation from this May. Yup—you see, harassment doesn’t stop when the paycheck does. 

May 2011 SMS Conversation with the Telcentris VP

Telcentris VP to Angela May 4, 2011 6:53:43 AM
Nothing in the world could re-open painful memories and hurt me more than being reminded with exact precision why I couldn’t date you no matter the depths of my love. I hope you got what you needed for you, again.


Response from Angela May 4, 2011 9:19:03 AM
I don’t know what you’re talking about. I went to bed and slept sound. Now wake to this, and that I may be an aunt.

Response from Angela May 4, 2011 9:19:36 AM
I don’t understand why a compliment is met with a offense. But that’s that. Have a nice day.

Telcentris VP to Angela May 4, 2011 9:27:42 AM
Just like old times, you had [redacted] lined up to come over after your time with me. Exact precision. Nothing has changed.


Response from Angela May 4, 2011 9:48:12 AM
[redacted] had been lined up long before you. Get your head straight. Nothing has changed. I am me.


Telcentris VP to Angela May 4, 2011 10:12:57 AM
I agree. Nothing has changed. You are you.

Response from Angela May 4, 2011 10:13:54 AM
I like me. You never loved me.


Telcentris VP to Angela May 4, 2011 10:20:08 AM
That is patently false. What I don’t like about being with you is your literal revolving door policy with regards to the volumes of men required to satisfy your ego. I want you to be happy, but not at my expense. Go, be happy. Leave me out of the revolving door.


Response from Angela May 4, 2011 10:35:39 AM
You texted me. If you don’t want me in your life, then don’t reach out. Until I meet someone who steals my heart then I’m just me.

Response from Angela May 4, 2011 10:36:30 AM
I’m not going to change. Get used to it. How you perceive my life is your business. Keep it to yourself.
If you can’t say anything nice—don’t say anything at all.

Documentation, Ethics

“what a good ho does…” explained by Telcentris VP

Now you’re doing what a good ho dies [sic], grab at the next dick in line.”

Missed the fun yesterday? Don’t worry, you can still check out the “dick parade service station”.

Don’t forget to “Like” them and share ’em! Got your own dick at work who’s yanking at you? Tell me about it… I had to work with this guy, while my boss looked the other way—until he fired me! 🙂 No seriously, feel free to comment or to email me via .

At least I didn’t have to be a booth babe, or put duct tape over my mouth. Now that would have been degrading!

Are You There God? It's Me, Gidget, Correspondence, Documentation, Ethics, Religion

A wise man once said…

“This day YHWH will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down, and cut off your head; and I will give the dead bodies of the host of the Philistines this day to the birds of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, and that all this assembly may know that God saves not with sword and spear; for the battle is God’s, and he will give you into our hand.”

David and Goliath

Date: October 28, 2011 2:17 PM
To: Bryan Hertz <bryan.hertz@telcentris.com>

From the words of which I was raised, I learned the art of warDavid versus his Goliath. In truth I took comfort, and I read the bible day and night, in an undertone.

Singing, I sang Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah“, Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl“, and “Forward, You Witnesses” by the Watchtower, among selections of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. Riddle you that.

My family went down in history fighting for First Amendment rights, and my grandfather and his friends were not only unjustly imprisoned, but also tarred and feathered for their beliefs. Baxley v. United States is my heritage and in it I revel.

I am proud of my family’s name, and that which they bestowed upon me—spiritual riches beyond any wealth found on earth.

I suppose in your calculations for settlement you likely missed a few key points. I know the value of a name, and know of truest wealth. I have no fear of man, I was raised without it.

I believe in justice and seek it through truth.

In every move, I imbue my own name while striking at yours. Every attack or move you make against me does the same. You are in a game you cannot win, you are unwitting and unwise.

Perhaps it’s unfair, the attention that I grant to this particular instance of injustice in life… Who could have known it was to be your wrong that would be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back? But did you know, “it is easier for a camel to get through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God“?

I imagine that’s not a concern for you, and since I have no money, it’s not of much concern to me either. 🙂

Today I am enjoying breaking my polite silence. I acquiesced to your request of almost a year ago. You wished to be friendly, you said. I waited and spent my time in thought, making plans and planning ahead.

One day, when I’m done with it, I’m willing to sell the domain name I’ve acquired, for the right price. With any luck—or whatever you’d call it—perhaps you can outwit the Google historian’s account of our brief history together. Currently the mad strategy is an amusement for me. It doesn’t take much to push “publish” on what constitutes a years worth of thought. It amuses me that it doesn’t have to make much sense, it’s riddles for others to follow when searching or researching your name.

I have to say, I do feel a tinge of regret when it comes to the damage to [redacted, VP of Stuff at Telcentris] I know that he truly (believed he) loved me, and emotional damage he endured before he entered the scene dictated much of his irrational actions. However, one night he took what wasn’t his and in a less than gentlemanly manner. Confronted with his actions he acted as a coward, denying the deed. What an uncomfortable position to be in before my boss—being held to whether or not I should report it as rape or willing—I get the feeling you knew then as I know, that however it is that I ended up beyond consent that night, by it’s very definition “it” didn’t need defined.

Your lawyer informed me, as I already knew, that in California the statue of limitations has already passed for me to make an EEOC claim. I wonder how it is you’re still confused. I’m not after your money—money can’t buy you comfort. If you ever question why it is that I have seemingly endless energy to put towards my intent, recall that day where you forced me against the wall with your words, and I tried to walk. Remember that—once—I tried to protect you.

You wouldn’t let me walk away; I imagine you regret that decision now.

Oh, and I bet you regret not giving me something to sign when I asked for it. Again, I was looking out for you and the company’s best interests above that of my own.

Silly girl.

Money can’t buy me love. It is the root of all sorts of injurious things. Yes, perhaps it can quell my wrath, but you weren’t willing to even willing to offer what is legally mine, and expected for me to sign away my right to free speech for the pittance?

It’s not in what I have to gain; it’s in everything you lose.

I don’t know if you read the Bible, but at least you might recognize the lyric “let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late“…

Continue reading

Correspondence, Documentation, Ethics

Curtiss Parker Gmail

Curtiss Parker, Fraud and Molester upstairs neighbor

Curtiss Parker, Fraud and Molester upstairs neighbor

Gmail Angela Baxley

curtiss parker
5 messages

Curtiss Parker <curtissparker@gmail.com> Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 8:12 AM
To: Curtiss Parker

hey angela, it would be great if you could remove the google piece on me. as we shared recently, let’s be friends and have some fun instead of fighting over nothing. hope all is well and let’s do coffee soon.

thanks much, curtiss

Angela Baxley Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:37 AM
To: Curtiss Parker <curtissparker@gmail.com>
Sure. I’m still broke and hungry. You can repay the $10 you owe me by proxy and we’ll skip the coffee. Can’t do anything about Google. Perhaps you could Google “Baxley v. United States”.

Angela Baxley Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 8:01 AM
To: Curtiss Parker <curtissparker@gmail.com>
Still waiting on your reply.

Curtiss Parker <curtissparker@gmail.com> Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 8:07 AM
 To: Angela Baxley
Begin forwarded message:

yes, i mentioned i would give you 10 dollars. if the coffee offer is off, that is ok, but i still would like you to delete the google piece. hope your morning is going well.
cheers, curtiss

Angela Baxley Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 10:39 AM
To: Curtiss Parker <curtissparker@gmail.com>
I can’t delete things from Google but I can help.
I’ve always had a special interest in you.
Documentation, Ethics

Curtiss Parker

“Angela, we have the where with all to have you readmitted to the same mental institution you were subjected to by the San Diego Police Department last month.”

Curtiss Parker

Curtiss Parker

Curtiss Parker vs Angela


Submitted on 2011/10/07 at

Angela, we have the where with all to have you readmitted to the same mental institution you were subjected to by the San Diego Police Department last month. Let’s stop the childish rants over $10 dollars. CP

Submitted on 2011/10/07 at

Angela, you have crossed the line with your false accusations and slander. Your story is without merit and if it is not removed immediately I will quickly turn this over to our Lawyers with the Law Offices of Wolf and Weyman so that we can file suit and go after a judgement against you for defamation of character. What you have done may effect future business with the company I consult for and as a result, they will most likely have no choice but to also go after you for associated damages. Again, if you do not take immediate action to remove any and all slanderous information about me or the company I do business with we will proceed with a lawsuit requesting damages to exceed seven figures. Regards, CP

View from My Patio

Poor Curtiss Parker

Curtiss Parker

Documentation, Ethics

Bryan Hertz & Robert Hertz, Bad Business

The Hertz family, founders of Telcentris, Inc. and Voxox in Business, apparently had a run in with the law before I decided to stick it to them with help from the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. Continue reading

My Mad Man '62 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Documentation, Ethics

6767 Neptune Pl. #15

Momma, I’m copying you so that there is a record of these requests, and continued complaints.

  • The dishwasher continues to have standing water at the end of the cycle.
  • The toilet continues to smell of urine odor
  • The garbage disposal again does not work, despite my using it as instructed. It just hums.
  • The kitchen sink is slow to drain
  • The blinds that were removed in the living room were rusted and could not be slid open and shut, nor turned opened and closed.
  • The blinds in the kitchen don’t open and shut since we’ve moved in, I’ve always left them in the position they were in.
  • The patio door still has no runner so it has a large gap, large enough I can slide my hand through under the door (I have photos)
  • The second bedroom trim has still not been fixed. The doors on both bedroom are in poor repair. The man who installed the lock for me is a witness that the door was not kicked in as Karen accused me of.
  • The bathroom mirror has nothing to keep it closed. I taped a magnet to the door to keep it closed.

On numerous occasions I’ve asked for the locks to be changed. I was always concerned because the locks I had been given, both times, were used and rusted. I was concerned for who might already have a key in the neighborhood, and my personal security. (I was told by the neighborhood kids, known as “groms”, that people make copies of keys and use them for theft. It took AFTER being evicted before Karen took me seriously and changed the locks to NEW ones.

Second, I would like to make a note that I did indeed try to get the kid out of my home on numerous occasions, but without police support or any assistance, I was held hostage in my own home.

I’ve reported part of this on my website, when I posted about the peeping Tom voicemails, literally “Uncle Tom” from up the street. It would have been nice to have had blinds to protect myself from having been watched in my own home, but again, Karen apparently has other priorities to consider.

Here’s the link to the reference to the day the I called the cops and instead [of being helped] was threatened to be taken away again. They never even asked why I needed help.

Also, there was the night that Zack came into the home (I had already requested locks to be changed at this point, but it hadn’t happened yet) at 3am and started raging. He ended up locking me out of MY HOME and I was left in the cold until I woke Gary hours later at 6am for a spare key. I again asked him to change the locks but was also a little weird because at that point I was worried about my physical safety since changing the locks does nothing about the home’s security when it comes to the windows.

Since Zack found out that I was evicted, he has left. I have lived in my home quietly as I did before, but this time with all the windows shut up for security, and the blinds closed as best as I can manage.

I’ve never seen such ineptitude when it comes to building management in my life. I have posted about Curtiss Parker and his roommate upstairs since Karen was not helpful in keeping him out of my home—”you should lock your doors”, she said—and the police won’t address me as a citizen so I can’t file a complaint. However, we both know that the pen is mightier than the sword and Curtiss and John are quite upset now over not having paid the $10 back, and all other grievances, as every Google search about their fund will now be along side my story. Like dad says, “payback is a b!tch”.

My Mad Man '62 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

We had to go up to LA again for the car, and when we got back…

I wish the neighbors would have helped instead of assuming that I was a hellion. There’s nothing like that night coming back from LA to find my previously “secure” home was now full of children and beer. I kicked them out, and the next day I’m evicted.

The attorney said that we can fight it, but I have no desire to live in this hell hole anymore. I still want to preserve the building, but I can do that without putting myself in harm’s way. The peeping Tom incident was the last and final straw. I had asked for functional blinds. That could have been prevented, as locks could also have prevented so much of this.

In the beginning, Zack was a young kid I helped out, no violation to my lease or anything else. But I did not want him in my home permanently. Karen’s threats made me move to put him on the lease (to be legal) and his parents were grateful for my caring for him while he was left to fend for himself thanks to their unfortunate family circumstances. However, once Zack came across cocaine through some dealer in the neighborhood, that was it. Game over. Would have been nice to have had help. It would have been nice to have had the police to rely on.

I’ll remind you that I was a perfect resident for the four months prior to having been thrown in County Mental Health given SIX different drugs against my will, and then Zack entering the picture.

Oh, and Karen you were NOT authorized to enter my home on whatever day it was that you did so. Tenants do have rights, you know?

@ngela m. baxley

Documentation, Ethics,

Telcentris Executives Buy New Cars as Employees Salaries Cut, Paid in Stock & Dreams

Related: State of California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Wage Adjudication Claim of Angela Baxley vs. Telcentris.

Bryan Hertz, vbprofiles.com

Bryan Hertz, Venture Profiles

Reports from my former co-workers of Telcentris (whose identities are protected thanks to the fact that I was friends with EVERYONE except Mariana and Jim) are that the companies executives, Bryan Hertz and Kevin Hertz continue to flaunt new cars, and vacations to Costa Rica while they themselves suffer from salaries being cut, and/or accepting “deals” to keep their jobs and being paid in stock or “dreams”.

I cannot confirm that this is fact, I am only relaying what was told to me by two former co-workers who are gravely concerned with their wellbeing, and the way that the company’s executives flagrantly disregard the common decency and the law.

I’ve asked my former co-workers to reach out the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and file complaints. There is only one way to ensure that justice is seen, and that’s by ensuring the law handles injustice. However, the law is slow, and thus I started my social campaign after learning I wasn’t the only former employee to be suffering injustice at the hands of Bryan Hertz, Kevin Hertz and Bob Hertz. Continue reading

Peeping Tom of Windansea
Are You There God? It's Me, Gidget, Culture, Documentation, Ethics

Peeping Tom

for summer twist and friends

The other morning I woke up and felt for once like myself… softest sheets on my bed, nuzzled up warm, safe, and alone in my home. The waves a deep roar as they crash ashore fifty or so yards beyond my bedroom window. I rolled over and lingered a little longer, those being my last days in the only home I’ve ever really known as my own.

I got up decided as it was gray and dreary that I’d make my own coffee, the Bird Rock Backtalker’s blend, a special blend made by the bright and brilliant Jocelyn. It’s then I check my voicemail and listen to the worst of the worst from Uncle Tom. Here’s that one, and a whole selection of other priceless Uncle Tom voicemail gems…


“Cry and whine how thirsty they are…”

Gidget, the Chism Bag

Listen to Voicemail September 14, 2011. 7:44am:

“I know you thought I was looking at your body, wishing I could lick it and juice on it and everything like that, but no I was actually looking at how thin you were. Try to eat something today, try to eat more—forget the beach niggers, forget about being sociable and feed yourself today, you know? And, uh, heck no man, I couldn’t get rid of you if I made love to you. It’d be a bummer for ya, you’d be bummed. All these guys using you as a chism bag and here’s the old Uncle Tom loving you and having respect for you and giving you multiple orgasms, shit, I’d never get rid of you… so see, it all works out for reasons. I know you were wondering all of that, Uncle Tom wants my hot little body but no I was really looking at you, try to feed yourself a little better today. I’ll check ya.”

Gidget and the Hillbilly Monster


Listen to Voicemail August 16, 2011. 9:06am:

“There are many things you can Google. One of the places that stands out the most in the memories of where you’re at is a thing or a program called Hee-Haw. Hee-Haw was originated in, I think, the 60’s or the early 70’s. It was a stereotypical program of the Bible Belt and the midwest, or the mideast or somewhere back there—nonetheless, it’s wow. I hope California hasn’t affected you enough that the, the, the, hillbilly monster’s get ya. Oh well, check ya.”

Uncle Tom Helps Poor Young Women Who Need a Second Chance


Listen to Voicemail July 31, 2011, 5:23pm:

“Boy did I get hurt last night, did I get hurt last night. All I’m trying to do is trying to help poor young girls, poor young women who need a second chance that have been caught up into the system. All I try to do is help them. And these, these, these, these bad men try to put me down, and these poor young girls don’t know what to do, what to think. And, they tell me this and I get so hurt. And you know, there’s a new phrase in town, it’s a phrase that’s been around a long time, but you’re in town and it’s new, and whoever these people who’ve talked about me, that’ve tried to stop me from helping poor innocent young girls, poor innocent young women maybe, who knows. But, you can just call them a bitch fag. Down right hard bitch fag. That’s the new phrase, first you had beach nigger, and now you have bitch fag. And they’re a bitch fag, trying to stop a simple man trying to help young women. What’s this world coming to?!”


I’d call the police, but they made me promise not to call 911 again. I refused to promise, but since the last time I called I needed help with an emergency and they could care less and instead threatened to take me away to County Mental Health, again.

They then left, I guess they were corrected by whoever they called up.

So yeah, I am left to deal with life without the civil protection afforded to normal citizens of San Diego County.

Funny thing is, I met the Chief of Police, William Lansdowne at Harry’s a few weeks ago. I know when I get around to asking to speak to him that he’ll remember—I’ve been told that no one forget’s meeting Gidget.

Too bad I don’t live closer to my Uncle’s police force in Fort Wayne. I bet he would handle a few things around here that seem to be a little broken.

More voicemails stacked below…