iPhone “Cannot Connect to Voicemail Call AT&T”

See also: AT&T Voicemail Not Working?

If you restore your iPhone or otherwise swap your SIM card to a different iPhone you’ll likely get the “Cannot Connect to Voicemail” message on your visual voicemail screen which tells you to call AT&T.

If you’re like me, you’d rather fix it yourself and save the time of the phone call.

Here’s how to fix your iPhone voicemail when it says it cannot connect:

  1. Call your own phone number from the phone, which will take it to your voicemail inbox.
  2. Press * to enter into the menu options.
  3. Press the option to go into Personals Settings.
  4. Press the option to go into Administrative Settings.
  5. Press the option for Password Settings.
  6. Set a new password. You likely will have forgotten your old one, but you don’t need to know it to set a new one.
  7. After successfully setting your password, hang up.
  8. Go get a drink, or reboot the phone. Give it a second to notice the change.
  9. A strange little dialog will pop up (within 2 minutes) asking for your voicemail password.

After you successfully enter the new password you’ll be able to access your voicemail once again.

Next post will be on how to rescue your iTurd. Yeah, I suppose it’s easy to guess why I was swapping my SIM card out. 🙂



Full Screen Size Images for Contacts on iPhone

Update 6.2010: I'm testing out Ensoul for Mac by Macpaw, a free download, for full screen iPhone contacts and more!


I set images for a few of my contacts using MobileMe’s web interface ( I was terribly disappointed to see that they showed up as just tiny thumbnails in the top right corner! Where were the full screen sized gorgeous photos like on the commercial?!

A little digging and I figured it out. Find the glamorous photos of each of your friends (from sites like Flickr or your own personal collection) and then follow the instructions below.

How to get Full Screen Size Photos for iPhone Contacts

Full sized images come from assigning a photo to a contact on the iPhone. To do this…

  • In iPhoto set up a new album. I named mine “Contacts”. In this album put all the photos you’d like to use for your contacts. I suggest 1200×1600 sized photos because that’s what the iPhone photos are (so you’ll get a consistent experience).
  • In iTunes, sync this album to your iPhone.
  • On the iPhone, go to Photos, and select a photo and push the button on the bottom left of the screen. Select “Assign to Contact”.

After you’re finished assigning the image to the contact, you can remove (by not syncing the image/album through iTunes) the photo while it still leaves your contact image intact.

…or, if you’d prefer…

Small Thumbnail Photos for Contacts

To have just thumbnails, set up all your images for contacts using your email client on the Mac, or the MobileMe website.

From Small to Full Size Contact Photos in iPhone
What if you have small thumbnails from syncing from Outlook or MobileMe and you want to make them big? Easy—well sort of, it’s one-by-one!—you just have edit each iPhone contact by following these steps…

  1. Go to “Edit” the contact
  2. Tap on the contact’s photo
  3. Tap “Edit Photo”
  4. Tap “Set Photo”
  5. Tap “Done”

AT&T Voicemail Not Working?

See also: iPhone “Cannot Connect to Voicemail Call AT&T”.

I used the call forwarding feature on my Windows Mobile 6 SmartPhone when I was about to board a flight and was worried about missing a very important phone call. I successfully had it set up to forward all calls to my friend, but when I landed I found out that my voice mail was screwed up.

When my friends rolled over to voice mail, they would get this message: “Welcome to AT&T voice mail. We need more information to direct your call to the appropriate voice mail box. To leave a message, please dial the 10 digit phone number to the person your trying to call. If you have a mailbox on this system, please press #.”

Have this problem? Don’t despair! There is a code you can dial from your phone which turns off call forwarding, and reconnects you to the tower. Ultimately, it fixed this issue for me.

Dial #002# and “send” or the “call” button. It should come back and say “Succeeded”. Then have a friend test your voice mail.

Still have issues? Call AT&T Customer Service from a different phone than your cell phone at 1-800-331-0500. Have them check to make sure that your voice mail forwarding feature is turned on. (It is a feature you can turn off and on.)