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Enrique Allen of 500 Startups says while some of the world’s most successful startups were founded by designers, most people in the profession are still “mercenaries for hire, helping other people get rich.” He cited YouTube, Tumblr, Airbnb, Android, Flickr, Foodspotting, Slideshare and others as examples of the companies designers have built. His argument: Designers can become great entrepreneurs because of their deep understanding of people, their expertise at figuring out what people want and their potential to become visionary communicators.

Allen says designers have the desire to create great companies, but they don’t have the mentorship and education opportunities currently available to technical or business founders. The hopes to fix that by giving designer entrepreneurs access to mentorship by some of world’s most successful designer entrepreneurs. It’s essentially a startup bootcamp.

— The Startup Seed Fund For Designers


Kudos for Visual Web Developer Product Design

This is the first thing I worked on when I joined the team last year…

“Besides his review in ADT, Mike Gunderloy also posted a more in-depth positive review of Visual Web Developer on recently. The review was also positively highlighted in Brad Jones’ Code Guru Newsletter this week (something Brad seldom does). The review clearly defines the audience, takes you through the steps to build a Web application (unlike his other review) and praises Microsoft for doing a “superb job of making data-backed Web applications easy with VWD.” Although he does admit that the title, Data to Web in Five Minutes with Visual Web Developer 2005, is not entirely accurate (doesn’t take into consideration the download time) he does note that the first beta is “pretty darned amazing”.”

Microsoft Visual Web Developer from Angela Marie Baxley Glass on Vimeo.

I was the sole product designer for Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express. Jump forward in the video to time marker 3:25 to see a demonstration of the IDE's user interface.

Presented by Joe Stagner, Microsoft
Duration: 39 minutes, 27 seconds
Date: 09 April 2009

Data to Web in Five Minutes with Visual Web Developer 2005, Mike Gunderloy, July 20, 2004