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Battle of GEO Loc + Mobility + Privacy


Google includes a feature which allows them to keep wi-fi on in the background, presumably so apps might have the benefit of location based awareness and responsiveness. However, this means tapping that power hungry GPS chip. The feature is off by default, and can be access by going to Settings, Wi-Fi, Advanced Wi-Fi and checking, or unchecking, the ‘Scanning always available’ box.


Nervous Nelly's turn off all Location Services. Instead, turn off the Favorite Locations feature. Regardless, of what features you turn off and on, the reality is: your phone is tracking you.

Turn off all Location Services? No! Nervous? Instead turn off the Favorite Locations feature. Regardless, of what features you turn off and on the reality: your phone is tracking you.

Meanwhile, a similar feature in the iPhone iOS7 has been reported, see: iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services  > Favorite Locations.

Some have disabled Location Services in a harried attempt to protect their privacy and suddenly find all their apps—from Maps to Facebook and FourSquare—rendered useless. If you’re concerned just disable Favorite Locations.

Meanwhile, iOS 7 asks users may opt in to help improve Apple’s Maps app — those who opt in will have the street address associated with their Apple ID matched with the GPS coordinates of addresses saved to your “frequent locations” list.


It seems people are just waking up to the limited concept of consumer privacy afforded in today’s connected and interconnected societies. So while you enjoy your FourSquare style walk down memory lane, recall that one you chose to disclose, and the other you is disclosed for you — call it a package deal, the cost of latest and greatest technologies to market and advertise and otherwise target a geo-loc tracked connected society.

Why hello there cyborgs, I’ve been expecting you.

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Apple iPad and Google Contacts

Setup Google Contacts on My New iPad

I sent new iPads to my mom and sisters. They loved them. Such an easy setup, right out of the box! However, there was one problem. They couldn’t figure out how to get their Google Contacts to show up! Here’s instructions for them, and you, on how to setup your Gmail to sync Google Contacts, Calendars and Email on your iPad or iPhone using Exchange.

How Do I Get My Google Contacts on My New iPad?

Apple iPad and Google Contacts

If you setup your Gmail account when you pulled your iPad out of the box, then it set up that account in a manner that doesn’t allow you to sync your Google Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Mail. No worries! It’s an easy fix!

We just have to delete your existing Google Account and setup a new one. All your data remains safe at Google, and will sync again when we’re done!

Remove Existing Google Account

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  3. Select your Google Gmail account
  4. Tap Delete Account—don’t worry, your data is safe with Google—you’re just disconnecting from the account!

Setup Google Exchange Account

  1. In Settings, under Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  2. Tap Add Account
  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange
  4. Enter your Gmail email address (or Google Apps email)
  5. Leave domain blank
  6. Enter your email address as user name and enter your Gmail password.
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Once Server field appears enter
  9. Tap Next and turn on the Google features you want to sync:
  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendars

Vic on Jobs

Just a blurb about one of our ‘brothers’ in the valley; Vic is an elder at his local Kingdom Hall, this is the “religious services” referred to in the article (below).

Steve laughed. He said, “Vic, unless the Caller ID said ‘GOD’, you should never pick up during services”.

I used to work near him, and directly with someone he deeply respects at Microsoft… and I always wondered if he knew who I was. I’m pretty sure I was just someone’s girlfriend, if he knew I existed at all. “This little light of mine…” Sometimes the person you stand next to shines brighter than you do!

In any case, I saw this post and was moved to find out that whether Jobs believe in heaven or hell—or thinks he’s just dead—at least, he took respect for worship and faith with him to the grave. Continue reading