SMRTrWorld (2014) Pinky & The Brain Trailer

Because the Real World wasn't reality. Introducing cast members, Cameron & Jeromiah, and Darryl Glass.

Posted by Angela Glass on Tuesday, October 28, 2014
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Justin Hertzell

First Cast & Crew Open House

The cast and crew of SMRTrWorld (2014) gathered Saturday at the NoDa open house.

The SMRTrWorld episodes will feature our friends, the Hertzell’s, the Minotaur Project, and Woody Williams as the FunkyGeezer Show, with special guest stars!

Coming soon to an internet boob tube near you.

Interested in guest+/-virtually starring in an episode? We’d love to hear from you!

Please send a tweet to the @smrtrworld.

Steve Jobs (photo by Tom Coates)

What about Jobs?

I just heard about Jobs. This July at 07:06:08 am in the morning I won the bid on eBay for the Jim Henson Think Different educational edition poster. For me, it was my “arrival”. My escape from the corporate beast and into creativity.

Except—who is going to take care of the dreamers then?

Are you staying at Apple? I would love to come work there, and I’m going to reach out to Biki to see what’s what.

But I wanted to know if you’d be sticking around. Something about the desire to work with —, even if we aren’t —.

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Bank of America calls about New York fraud?

“Whatever you do, please don’t cancel my accounts!!! I’m a single woman alone in 103℉ weather driving through the middle of the central California desert! I don’t want to run out of gas!”

— me pleading with the Bank of America Fraud Department representative who responded simply that she couldn’t hear me. See what happens…