If Dying Young Won’t Change Your Mind…

Filmed while the band was at SxSW 2013, and released to the web soon there after, “Diane Young” is a play on words.

When the government agents surround you again…

If Diane Young won’t change your mind,
Baby, baby, baby, baby right on time

Irish and proud, baby, naturally
But you got the luck of a Kennedy
So grab the wheel and keep holding it tight
Til you’re tottering off into that good night

With the luck of a Kennedy, my father died young, and it didn’t change his mind. I don’t mind either.


Top 10 New Bands of 2010

Morgan's Top 10 of 2010Ever feel like you’re not quite cool ’cause your music collection is a little more than out-of-date?

Look no further than Morgan—her rockin’ Top Ten New Bands of 2010 will catch you up on what you’ve missed. The list features some of my fave’s of the year—Broken Bells, Freelance Whales, Mumford & Sons, and bands that I’m just getting around to checking out myself.

Listen to Morgan’s Best of 2010 on

Craving more?

Check back for Morgan’s monthly themed playlists on PopTen. If you’re entirely bored, you can peruse my schedule from SxSW 2010, which was totally rockin’ thanks—again—to Morgan!

That’s Morgan & I chilling at Stubb’s SxSW 2010, returned to the scene of the Dirty Sweet crime of 2009. 🙂


SxSW: Geeks Love Bowling

I’m so excited, I’m going to SxSW for the first time for the SxSW 2008 Interactive conference. Even better, I’m bowling at the Geeks Love Bowling event for the “Wii Rock” team! Other team members are Jared Spool, Dana Chisnell, Christopher Schmitt, Chris Moeller, and Daniel Morrison. Time to get my game on!

Check it out at: